A Family Business Gone to the Dogs & Cats

If you have looked around the Canine Caviar Holistic Dog Food website you have likely read the story of Moguls the Great Dane, who was so plagued by allergies and skin issues that he endured monthly cortisone shots and other medications. Moguls was the reason that Canine Caviar was formulated in the first place, and there… Continue reading A Family Business Gone to the Dogs & Cats

Featured Merchant: Dogology, Canton, CT

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  What happens when you combine three successful pet professionals, one with a background in training, one with extensive experience as a veterinary technician and canine massage therapy, and one with a specialty in animal nutrition and pet retail? What happens is that you achieve Dogology. Dogology is much more than just a… Continue reading Featured Merchant: Dogology, Canton, CT

Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar’s International Appeal

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Have you ever wondered why the Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar bags are printed in so many languages all on the same bag? The answer to this is because Canine Caviar holistic pet foods are helping dogs and cats live healthy and holistic lifestyles in 32 countries throughout the world. The bags contain… Continue reading Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar’s International Appeal

Pets and Skin Cancer

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Summer is in full swing through the majority of locations in which our readers reside, with the sun blaring brightly to make for some of the longest days of the year. It is also a time when most of us humans flock to the outdoors, bringing our furry best friends with us… Continue reading Pets and Skin Cancer

Dewey’s Mom and Her Pack of Four

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  When Canine Caviar holistic pet food joined Instagram a few weeks ago we were welcomed by an enthusiastic fellow Instagramer who raved about the life changing experiences that her pack of four rescued dogs had experienced with our alkaline PH based dog food. We immediately followed her Instagram account and have loved interacting… Continue reading Dewey’s Mom and Her Pack of Four

Protein Rotation for Better Pet Health

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Updated – April 30, 2015   When you find a good dog food that your dog loves and works well you might be reluctant to try a different formula. According to Jeff Baker, Founder and President of Canine Caviar, you should rotate through a different formula of Canine Caviar holistic pet food… Continue reading Protein Rotation for Better Pet Health

Take Your Dog to Work Day

By Lynn Stacy-Smith With my days in a corporate office not too far in my distant past it is easy to remember how difficult it was to pursue a climb up the corporate ladder while being a responsible and attentive dog owner. Each morning after ensuring that my dogs had done all of their business,… Continue reading Take Your Dog to Work Day

Archie the Bull Terrier

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Lifelong dog owner Gail Harlamoff has owned several different breeds of dogs throughout her lifetime and started showing dogs when she was just eight years old. Her first show dog was an English Springer Spaniel and they competed in conformation, obedience and Junior Showmanship. In addition to participating in dog shows, Gail… Continue reading Archie the Bull Terrier

Merchant of the Month: Kingsburg Feed & Pet

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Seventeen years ago Regina Prine was working as a hairstylist when her husband Ronny had what Regina calls a “wild hare” that prompted them to purchase a pet store in town that had gone out of business.  According to Regina, “we jumped in with two feet” and opened Kingsburg Feed & Pet… Continue reading Merchant of the Month: Kingsburg Feed & Pet

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

  By Lynn Stacy-Smith  May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and education is key to catching cancer early in dogs. One of the things that makes treating any sort of illness in dogs is that they cannot speak English to tell us how they are feeling or if something hurts. Not only do they communicate… Continue reading Pet Cancer Awareness Month