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Frozen Dog Food Toppers vs Canine Caviar Food Toppers

Dinner time is the best time of day for a dog because they get to snack on their favorite meal, and maybe they might get a special treat to go along with it. Nowadays dog food toppers are a popular option to spice up a dog’s meal and show them that you care. There are […]

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10 Wonderful Vegetables and Fruits Safe for Dogs

  With the arrival of spring, we can expect the following days to get warmer and warmer. With the rise of the heat heading into summer, that means we’re going have to keep ourselves cool. Dogs are also looking for ways to keep cool. That may mean laying in the shade or jumping into the […]

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A Family Business Gone to the Dogs & Cats

If you have looked around the Canine Caviar Holistic Dog Food website you have likely read the story of Moguls the Great Dane, who was so plagued by allergies and skin issues that he endured monthly cortisone shots and other medications. Moguls was the reason that Canine Caviar was formulated in the first place, and there […]

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March 2014 Canine Caviar Interview: Mickey the Goldendoodle

By Lynn-Stacy Smith This month Canine Caviar sat down with Mickey the Goldendoodle whose life was improved dramatically when he switched over to Canine Caviar holistic pet food. Canine Caviar newsletter (CC) Hi Mickey! Thank you for sitting down with us. Now, I know you’re still in your puppy-hood! Can you tell us how old […]