Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar’s International Appeal

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Have you ever wondered why the Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar bags are printed in so many languages all on the same bag? The answer to this is because Canine Caviar holistic pet foods are helping dogs and cats live healthy and holistic lifestyles in 32 countries throughout the world. The bags contain… Continue reading Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar’s International Appeal

A Holistic Lifestyle For All

By Lynn Stacy Smith Here at Canine Caviar we believe in a holistic lifestyle for pets. Our true Holistic Lifestyle diet considers all aspects of your pet’s health through nutrition and should be a part of your pet’s Healthy lifestyle.  As part of spreading this mission to pet owners, typically the Canine Caviar team can… Continue reading A Holistic Lifestyle For All

Educating Without Alienating

By Lynn Stacy-Smith As pet parents who believe in a holistic lifestyle and an emphasis on nutrition, we sometimes encounter pet parents among our friends and family who do not have the same level of knowledge or awareness of pet health and safety issues. As animal advocates and cat and dog lovers it is natural… Continue reading Educating Without Alienating

November Awareness

By Lynn Stacy-Smith In the month of November we turn our focus to three important causes: adoptable senior pets, Canine cancer awareness and pet diabetes awareness. Adopt a Senior Pet Month Whether they are abandoned at shelters because of their age or in sudden need of a home because of the passing of their owner or… Continue reading November Awareness

Canine Caviar’s Google Hangouts

By Lynn Stacy-Smith How often do customers of any product get the chance to attend a Google Hangout and ask the founder and CEO of a company questions about their product? If your answer is “not very often” you are correct. Fortunately we at Canine Caviar are changing that with Google Hangouts with CEO and… Continue reading Canine Caviar’s Google Hangouts