Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Canine Cancer Infographic - pet cancer awareness

By Lynn Stacy-Smith 

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and education is key to catching cancer early in dogs. One of the things that makes treating any sort of illness in dogs is that they cannot speak English to tell us how they are feeling or if something hurts. Not only do they communicate differently, dogs are often far more tolerant than humans when it comes to living with chronic pain or health problems, literally the “strong silent types” in our lives. Knowing what to look for can help you get problems to your veterinarian’s attention and potentially get better treatment options than at a later date.

Check out our Canine Cancer Awareness Infographic for facts, warning sings and ways to improve your dog’s overall health.  You can also find great information on the Canine Caviar holistic pet food website on the Education page where you can learn more about an alkaline diet and the proper PH for your dog: Proper pH Will Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life.