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Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar’s International Appeal

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Have you ever wondered why the Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar bags are printed in so many languages all on the same bag? The answer to this is because Canine Caviar holistic pet foods are helping dogs and cats live healthy and holistic lifestyles in 32 countries throughout the world. The bags contain […]

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Protein Rotation for Cats

Feline Caviar Protein Rotation

Feline Caviar Feline Caviar Education

How to Find a Vet (the Right Vet) for Your Cat

By Elizabeth Wilke As pet parents, one of the most important things is our cat’s health. Whether you recently moved to a new area, adopted a new fur baby, or simply aren’t satisfied with your current provider, these steps should help you find the right fit for your family. When looking for a vet for […]