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The Honest Kitchen – Canine Caviar Comparison

Today we are comparing Canine Caviar’s Free Spirit Chicken & Pearl Millet Formula to The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Clusters – Chicken & Oat Recipe. The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Grain Clusters line is intended as an alternative to traditional kibble focused on healthy ingredients and minimal processing; points we like to make with our kibble as well. […]

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Taste of the Wild Compared to Canine Caviar – Dog Food Comparison

Limited Ingredient Diets offer nutrition while limiting the number of ingredients your dog is exposed to. It’s great news for dogs with allergies and pet parents who are looking for simpler healthy dog food. The truth is though, not all limited ingredient diets are made equal. Today we’d like to compare our formula to illustrate […]

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Canine Caviar Compared To Open Farm Dog Food

Today we are comparing Canine Caviar’s Open Meadow Lamb & Pearl Millet formula to Open Farm Lamb & Ancient Grains formula. It’s important to consider different factors when evaluating products. We’ll compare the ingredients, calories, and pricing of each of these formulas and see how they differ. Both formulas incorporate lamb as its first ingredient making this […]

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Where To Buy Canine Caviar: 2020 Edition

2019 is almost over and Canine Caviar has seen some significant growth this year. We expect more growth in 2020 which means more dog food for more people and that’s always a great thing. But with all this change, how does it affect where or how you buy Canine Caviar products. Today we want to […]

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What is Ash in Dog Food and is it OK?

Ash content is an important component that gives us a better look at the quality of a dog food. Sadly, it isn’t covered as extensively as other topics and finding ash content for respective brands can be difficult. It oftentimes has negative connotations; some clarification is in order. Today, Canine Caviar would like to talk […]

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Canidae Compared to Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diets

Canine Caviar is back with another comparison to a popular dog food. Are you looking to switch dog food but don’t know who? Canine Caviar Alkaline Limited Ingredient diets could be the answer. We’re going to compare Canidae to Canine Caviar to see the differences between one another. We’ll compare them in terms of ingredients, […]

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

How mush should I feed my dog? It’s a question that can be hard to answer. There are many aspects to consider and every dog is different but there are common factors to look out for. Learn about the factors to consider when deciding how much to feed your dog.

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Free Feeding and its Possible Dangers

People nowadays tend to live pretty hectic lives. It seems that every couple of years, your daily routine seems busier and it becomes harder to keep up. We often end up looking for shortcuts to make the day easier and sometimes these shortcuts involve our very own pets. Dogs can be demanding creatures at times, […]

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Flash Cooking: How Canine Caviar Cooks its Beloved Dog Food

  Dog food can often times be a complex subject. We want to provide our dogs with the best food we possibly can but there are a lot of factors that go into a dog food diet. We consider the ingredients of your dog’s diet, the source of them, the balance between proteins, fats, and […]

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Canine Caviar’s New Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans

Canine Caviar is beginning the distribution of the new Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans. The line includes synthetic free duck, turkey, lamb, and salmon. This line is one of the few dog food products around the world to be synthetic free. And we know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean it’s synthetic free now? […]