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The Alkaline Diet – What You Need to Know About Alkalinity

  Finding the right kind of diet for your dog is important. Your dog’s diet establishes multiple aspects of your dog. The energy it has throughout the day, the strength of its immune system, and the possibility to develop chronic illnesses to name a few. It’s not just important to find the right diet, it’s […]

Canine Caviar Blog Canine Caviar Education Pet Health

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

¬† By Lynn Stacy-Smith¬† May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and education is key to catching cancer early in dogs. One of the things that makes treating any sort of illness in dogs is that they cannot speak English to tell us how they are feeling or if something hurts. Not only do they communicate […]

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Aloha PAWmehana Red Carpet Event, Posh Pooch, Inc.

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Huntington Beach was the scene of the Aloha PAWmehana Red Carpet Event on Saturday August 24, 2013, bringing celebrities, pet owners and their dogs to join the fight against canine cancer. The driving forces behind the event, Dawn Barraco of Canine Caviar, Inc. and Melesssa Austin of Posh Pooch, Inc. combined efforts […]