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Canine Caviar Google Hangout 19: Why Does Canine Caviar Use Buffalo?

In Canine Caviar Google Hangout #19 learn about the buffalo used in Canine Caviar alkaline based holistic pet food. Doreen Wong: Welcome to Canine Caviar Google Hangout number 19, today we are answering your questions from Facebook. Today’s question is why Canine Caviar uses buffalo. So welcome Lynn and Jeff, thanks for joining us today. […]

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Featured Dogs: Cooper & Pie

It is very hard not to smile when looking at the foxy head of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Cooper and Pie definitely create smiles wherever they go. Originally from Pembrokeshire, Wales, the Corgi was originally bred to herd sheep and cattle by nipping at their heels. Their short legs helped keep them out of […]

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Protein Rotation for Better Pet Health

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Updated – April 30, 2015   When you find a good dog food that your dog loves and works well you might be reluctant to try a different formula. According to Jeff Baker, Founder and President of Canine Caviar, you should rotate through a different formula of Canine Caviar holistic pet food […]

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Merchant of the Month: Kingsburg Feed & Pet

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Seventeen years ago Regina Prine was working as a hairstylist when her husband Ronny had what Regina calls a “wild hare” that prompted them to purchase a pet store in town that had gone out of business.  According to Regina, “we jumped in with two feet” and opened Kingsburg Feed & Pet […]

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Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods and Treats! Weighing In on Obesity

We love our pets, and because we love them we want to feed them the best food choices possible. Many pet owners carefully check the labels of the holistic pet foods they are feeding their pets to make sure they are balanced and healthy, but have you ever thought about what is inside the treats […]

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Holistic Dog Food and Treats Give Your Dog Something to Smile About

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so I wanted to talk about the importance of dental hygiene for your pets. We often make jokes about dog breath, but did you know that foul smell could signal a bigger problem. Most people have no idea that ignoring your pet’s dental health could lead to tooth […]