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High Protein Diet (Grain Free)

High quality and highly digestible proteins are broken down into necessary amino acids.  The amino acids are then reassembled in tissues, organs, enzymes, antibodies etc.  A diet with quality proteins will provide the necessary amino acids.  And the correct amount of protein will reduce the risk of a buildup of protein waste products which can […]

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Featured Merchant: Dogology, Canton, CT

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  What happens when you combine three successful pet professionals, one with a background in training, one with extensive experience as a veterinary technician and canine massage therapy, and one with a specialty in animal nutrition and pet retail? What happens is that you achieve Dogology. Dogology is much more than just a […]

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Protein Rotation for Better Pet Health

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Updated – April 30, 2015   When you find a good dog food that your dog loves and works well you might be reluctant to try a different formula. According to Jeff Baker, Founder and President of Canine Caviar, you should rotate through a different formula of Canine Caviar holistic pet food […]