Protein Rotation for Better Pet Health

By Lynn Stacy-Smith
Updated – April 30, 2015

When you find a good dog food that your dog loves and works well you might be reluctant to try a different formula. According to Jeff Baker, Founder and President of Canine Caviar, you should rotate through a different formula of Canine Caviar holistic pet food with each new bag of food to give your dog a different amino acid profile and in turn help strengthen your dog’s immune system.

With 5 formulas of Holistic Grain Free Kibble and 3 formulas of Holistic Beneficial Grain Kibble  you can rotate proteins without switching between grain free and beneficial grain. You can also include some of the Canine Caviar Holistic Cans of wet dog food in Duck & Sweet Potato, TurkeyVenison Tripe, Beaver or Buffalo. in addition to or instead of switching dry kibble formulas. Free range grass fed buffalo treats add yet another protein source.

Listen to Jeff Baker talk about Protein Rotation on Canine Caviar Hangout 15: How Often Should You Change Your Dog’s Protein.

Check out and share our new Understanding Protein Rotation info graphic: Canine Caviar Protein Rotation

Understanding Protein Rotation - Better Pet Health
Understanding Protein Rotation Infographic