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Buffalo Kibble and Allergies. Comparing 5 Buffalo Kibble Formulas

Buffalo kibble has risen in popularity in recent years due to its use as a novel protein. Novel proteins are protein sources dogs do not commonly consume. This lessens the likelihood of allergic reactions. Allergies have become a major concern for dog owners who have realized the severity allergies can have on their furry family […]

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Benefits of Buffalo Meat for Dogs and Their Health

If there’s something everybody agrees on, it’s that dogs love food! The smell of delicious meat gets their mouthwatering and excited for meal time. Dogs also have the benefit of eating different flavors, but the pet food industry is always looking to improve. One big area where dog food companies can improve is in the […]

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Canine Caviar Stocking Stuffers

Canine Caviar Stocking Stuffers Are you looking for Fun and Healthy Stocking Stuffers for your Furry Friend this Holiday Season? We have some fantastic options for your last minute puppy gifts.   Our All Natural Buffalo Treats are a healthy and easy way to fill those stockings. We offer a variety of Buffalo treats perfect […]

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Canine Caviar Google Hangout 19: Why Does Canine Caviar Use Buffalo?

In Canine Caviar Google Hangout #19 learn about the buffalo used in Canine Caviar alkaline based holistic pet food. Doreen Wong: Welcome to Canine Caviar Google Hangout number 19, today we are answering your questions from Facebook. Today’s question is why Canine Caviar uses buffalo. So welcome Lynn and Jeff, thanks for joining us today. […]