Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods and Treats! Weighing In on Obesity

We love our pets, and because we love them we want to feed them the best food choices possible. Many pet owners carefully check the labels of the holistic pet foods they are feeding their pets to make sure they are balanced and healthy, but have you ever thought about what is inside the treats you feed them? As we spoil our pets with tasty treats you may want to look at the ingredients on the label. Vets recommend feeding your pets only 10% of their total daily calories in treats. What that means is if your dog is inactive and weighs around 30 pounds their total caloric intake is about 674 making the treat intake about 67 calories. If you have a cat that weighs the same as a 10 pound dog, since it is a “cat” it needs even less calories per day. For every pound your cat weighs they need only about 24-35 total daily calories. We are over feeding our pets to the point of becoming unhealthy and obese and many times it is linked to the treats we feed them.

So are treats contributing to pet obesity? Do you use high calorie treats to train your pet? Treats are great motivators but remember to limit the calories intake of the treat when training your pet for behavior modification.

Pet Parent and Blog author, Vicki Geisler, from My Daily Stop suggests “If using treats to reward for good behavior why not try hiding the treats around the house so they have to work to find them or better yet purchase one of those toys that allow you to hide the treat inside and they have to work at getting it out. Doing so will burn calories and keep your pet entertained for hours.” We suggest..Canine Caviar Canned foods are perfect for this.

Some treats like Buffalo Treats by Canine Caviar do double-duty by aiding in keeping your pets teeth clean and healthy too. Since Canine Caviar Buffalo Treats are made from Free Range Grass Fed Buffalo, they are Hormone and Antibiotic Free and have 70% to 90% less fat compared to beef. On average our Buffalo Treats have 50% less cholesterol and are lower in fat content and cholesterol than beef so they make a good healthy choice when selecting a chewing treat. A chew treat is good for a pets teeth because it remove plaque and tarter and more importantly to your pet, satisfies your pets need to chew.