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Canine Caviar Hangout #18: What is the best way to store Canine Caviar

In Canine Caviar Google Hangout #18 learn about how to store Canine Caviar alkaline based holistic pet food. Doreen Wong: Welcome everyone to Canine Caviar Google Hangout #18, and we are answering your questions on Facebook, you ask them, we ask Jeff and he responds to them directly. We have one of our Facebook Furr […]

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Featured Dogs: Cooper & Pie

It is very hard not to smile when looking at the foxy head of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Cooper and Pie definitely create smiles wherever they go. Originally from Pembrokeshire, Wales, the Corgi was originally bred to herd sheep and cattle by nipping at their heels. Their short legs helped keep them out of […]

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Dog Allergies and How Canine Caviar Helps

We love success stories about our family of Canine Caviar dogs. Fortunately we receive many of them. As a company created to solve allergy issues in a beloved Great Dane, these success stories are our pride. We love hearing stories about how Canine Caviar helps our customers and dog allergies.   Canine Caviar was founded […]

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Canine Caviar’s Proteins: Engineered by Nature Not by Scientists

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a very controversial topic today, with proponents of GMO foods promoting GMOs as a way to boost production, and opponents concerned about the safety of these products. Regardless of the arguments from both sides, Canine Caviar does not support Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) as ingredients in your […]

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Hard Work, Integrity and Compassion Pays Off: We’ve been Awarded!

I want to start off today by sharing that I am amazed by the information that I have absorbed about Canine Caviar and the production of Pet Food. All of the tiniest details have to be managed. I always cared about the ingredients on the label of my Pet Food but never, ever thought about […]

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Canine Caviar asks.. What is Healthy? Natural? Organic? Holistic?

We recently asked for the definition of what “Holistic” means to our Facebook Fans and the answers given prompted us to share what we know at Canine Caviar. We think it is safe to say that most manufacturers, distributors, stores and pet owners are committed to providing the absolute best nutrition for our pets. […]