Hard Work, Integrity and Compassion Pays Off: We’ve been Awarded!

I want to start off today by sharing that I am amazed by the information that I have absorbed about Canine Caviar and the production of Pet Food. All of the tiniest details have to be managed. I always cared about the ingredients on the label of my Pet Food but never, ever thought about each one and how it was processed, any interactions or whether the label was “truthful”. Just as I am thrilled to learn all of this and excited to be a part of a company that really, really does care about ALL of those details and WHAT is the TRUTH, I also get a bit dismayed by the “inaccuracies”, “abuse” and the “misleading” Marketing strategies of some of the other Pet Food companies out there. I am stunned by how many of them are “TOP” sellers.

This is why the Previous Blog explained the differences of the Terms most Pet Parents are looking for like, Natural, Holistic and Organic. We Know You are TRULY looking for a “healthy” Pet. We are here to educate and to simplify it for you. We Strive to leave You “worry” FREE. Our Pet Parents should have an easy job of making sure they are doing the best for their pet. Canine Caviar accepts the “cost” of doing business gladly when it is something that will improve your Pet’s Health. The latest formulation that includes a Pro biotic is out and is making a remarkable difference as results have been proven by Independent Study. We are letting the Study and future Testimonies speak for us.

That being said it has been our most recent challenge adding our Proprietary Fermentation Products to the label of our holistic dog food. It was dictated to us to call our new ingredient “Yeast” Culture even though, it wasn’t. This was most frustrating to Canine Caviar, Founder and Research Scientist, Jeff Baker. I have to say that although it can be absolutely trying to deal with labeling and safety regulations sometimes, it is completely understandable now that I have seen some of what profit hungry pet food companies will do.

We are Celebrating here at Canine Caviar because we were Awarded the approval to change our labels just like we previously explained in our Blog about “Yeast” Culture. It wasn’t a “Yeast” Culture, it is a Fermentation Process that results into several Fermentation products that are proven to be effective in normalizing digestion and decreasing stool volume. Pets that consume Canine Caviar’s newest breakthrough ingredients will digest more of the proteins, putting less stress on the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

Canine Caviar’s Number ONE Priority IS and ALWAYS Will BE Nutrition!