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Dotty the Queensland Heeler/Border Collie

By Lynn Stacy-Smith Dotty, a Queensland Heeler/Border Collie mix breed dog, is an energetic three-year-old girl who loves to go to the dog park and play fetch with the tennis ball that is virtually always in her mouth. Each morning she completes her daily chore of going to get the newspaper for her human parents […]

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The Truth About Cats & Dogs…well, their PH at least!

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  Have you ever wondered why your dogs and cats need different diets? When we talk about our holistic dog food we talk about the benefits of an alkaline diet for your pet as it promotes healthy tissues and an overall healthy pet. But when it comes to feline caviar our goal is […]

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Hard Work, Integrity and Compassion Pays Off: We’ve been Awarded!

I want to start off today by sharing that I am amazed by the information that I have absorbed about Canine Caviar and the production of Pet Food. All of the tiniest details have to be managed. I always cared about the ingredients on the label of my Pet Food but never, ever thought about […]