Dog Allergies and How Canine Caviar Helps

dog skin allergies and Canine Caviar
Canine Caviar helps with severe dog allergies- Here are some of our stories

We love success stories about our family of Canine Caviar dogs. Fortunately we receive many of them. As a company created to solve allergy issues in a beloved Great Dane, these success stories are our pride. We love hearing stories about how Canine Caviar helps our customers and dog allergies.

Canine Caviar was founded back in 1996 when CEO and Research Scientist Jeff Baker wanted to solve a problem. His Great Dane Moguls had skin allergies and health problems that plagued him and required monthly cortisone shots. Jeff Baker decided to create a formula to help Moguls. Within four months of the development of Canine Caviar, the Great Dane’s skin was no longer pink and aggravated and his fur grew back and glistened. Years later dogs all over have benefited from Jeff Baker’s alkaline based dog food, and we love hearing about it. We have received the following comments on our Facebook page showing the true benefits of Canine Caviar:

Testimonials “Helping Fight Dog Allergies”

Before allergy treatment and a diet change to the Lamb & Pearl Millet our dog had ongoing skin infections and ear infections…allergy testing made a big difference but we still had ear infections about once a month and I had a hard time keeping weight on her. She also had a lot of digestive problems. After finding the lamb and pearl diet we have finally got her ears under control and no longer struggle with her weight of digestive problems.”

Dog allergies are a major problem“My GSP (German  Shorthaired Pointer) suffered allergies from the time we adopted him in 2007 until one year later when I found Canine Caviar. He had an upset tummy a lot and he itched so badly that his hind leg and chest fur was pink and crusty instead of white. We found a fish based food that was ok, but he couldn’t eat enough to stay the right weight (lower calories). Finally, we found Lamb and Pearl Millet. His itching went away and he could maintain weight. I don’t know what we’d do without it.”

“My dog  spent nearly 9 months with his hair falling out and turning almost brittle!! It was a miserable time for all of us. We allergy tested and found what he was allergic to and canine caviar was recommended  by his breeder. In just a few weeks we saw huge changes!!  He has his shiny coat back and put his weight back on (we think stress from itching made him drop some weight). He still had some minor itchiness but that is non-food related and we are working on a maintenance allergy dose to help out. His biggest food allergen was potato and eggs!! I am thankful his breeder brought up CC because finding a food without those items was nearly impossible…. And also no brewers yeast and beet pulp, which he is also allergic to. I now have all three dogs on Canine Caviar!”

“Two white boxers who both had super sensitive skin allergies, plus inconsistent poop, plus dirty brown eye gunk. After Canine Caviar everyone was healthy clean & more energetic !!! We have recommended Canine Caviar to all our dog friends, neighbors and even strangers on Facebook!!!”

Canine Caviar’s Combat Against Allergies

Dog allergies occur for many reasons including reactions to foods, contaminants in the food, and environmental allergens. Canine Caviar’s limited ingredient holistic dog food helps promote healthy pets in several ways:

Avoiding Common Allergens: Beef, dairy, corn, wheat and soy are common ingredients in dog foods that often cause dog allergies to flare. By using ingredients like herring, duck, venison, pearl millet and chickpeas in our dried kibble formulas we avoid these common allergens, just as we do in our canned dog food varieties of venison, duck and turkey.

Avoiding Contaminated Grains: Mold and other contaminants in grains in dog foods can cause severe allergies and other medical problems. Cereal grains include wheat, barley, rice and oats. At Canine Caviar we avoid cereal grains by using pearl millet, split peas and chickpeas in our canine dog food. These ingredients help against some of the worst dog allergies out there.

Using Safe Botanicals: Not only do we avoid allergens in our food but we include other allergen fighting sources. We use a variety of botanicals in our alkaline based dog food which include alfalfa, kelp, rosemary, and thyme. These sources help in fighting allergens that dogs face.

We hope this information is helpful and check our blog for more helpful information.

The guidelines on this website is in no way to be medical advice. The testimonies by pet owners on our website have experienced results that may not be typical results and as such their results may not be the same as your individual results. Canine Caviar does not assume any responsibility for your use of information on this website. Do not use Canine Caviar as a cure, treatment or prevention of disease in animals.