High Protein Diet (Grain Free)

High quality and highly digestible proteins are broken down into necessary amino acids.  The amino acids are then reassembled in tissues, organs, enzymes, antibodies etc.  A diet with quality proteins will provide the necessary amino acids.  And the correct amount of protein will reduce the risk of a buildup of protein waste products which can lead to kidney or liver damage.

Naturally dogs in the wild would eat a variety of proteins to achieve the benefits of the necessary amino acids.  Their protein source would vary each day as it would be impractical to save meat from one day’s catch to mix with the next days. A rotation of our single protein formulas is the closest to the natural diet your dog needs and would eat in the wild.

Genetically dogs can only utilize a maximum of 35% protein.  A higher protein diet can have a negative affect on the pancreas, kidneys and liver. Their body may have trouble digesting the protein and eliminating all the waste products of protein metabolism. They naturally would not eat a higher protein diet than their system needs if living in the wild. Why should we feed it to them while they are living as pets and expelling far less energy?

Several ingredients are standardly used in grain free kibble that should really be avoided.  Most manufactures of high end foods are avoiding corn, wheat and soy.  But several still include potato or tapioca.  These ingredients are high in starch, spike the glycemic index and can lead to diabetes.  These inexpensive fillers are used by manufactures to maintain the “grain free” label and still keep the costs down, jeopardizing your pet’s health.