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Buffalo Kibble and Allergies. Comparing 5 Buffalo Kibble Formulas

Buffalo kibble has risen in popularity in recent years due to its use as a novel protein. Novel proteins are protein sources dogs do not commonly consume. This lessens the likelihood of allergic reactions. Allergies have become a major concern for dog owners who have realized the severity allergies can have on their furry family members. Sadly, not all buffalo kibble is made the same. There are many differences between buffalo diets among different brands. Many buffalo kibbles use other proteins and other complex formulas which take away the great benefits can provide. Let’s compare Canine Caviar’s Open Range Buffalo...
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Farmina N&D Quality Comparison To Canine Caviar

Today we are comparing Canine Caviar’s Open Sky Duck & Chickpea formula to Farmina N&D Quinoa Skin & Coat Duck formula. It’s important to consider different factors when evaluating products. We’ll compare the ingredients, calories, and pricing of each of these formulas and see how they differ. Both formulas incorporate duck as its first ingredient making this comparison even. Farmina Ingredients Comparison Canine Caviar = 31 ingredients. Farmina = 45 ingredients. Ingredients are one of the most important aspects to any dog food. They let you know what proteins, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients your dog receives. Farmina and Canine...
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Sweet Potato Treats | 3 Important Factors To Choosing Quality Treats

Canine Caviar always focuses on making dog treats that are both healthy and natural as possible. This philosophy has sprung our line of Dehydrated Buffalo Treats, Synergy Vegetable Mix, Sun-Dried Kelp Supplement, and our top selling Dried Sweet Potato treats. Our sweet potato in particular is a fan favorite for dogs and owners alike. What makes our sweet potato treats so delicious? How does it stick out to other sweet potato treats? Today, we will answer these questions by comparing Canine Caviar’s sweet potato treats to other competitors. We’ll look at the quality of our treats and how we set...
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Life’s Abundance Compared to Canine Caviar L.I.D

Canine Caviar is back with another comparison. Today, we are going to compare Life’s Abundance to Canine Caviar to see the differences between one another. We’ll compare the two brands in terms of ingredients, profile, calories, price, and cost to feed. In order for this comparison to be appropriate, we’ll use formulas that are close to each other in protein and structure. That way, the results are relative and you can make a better informed decision. We’ll compare Canine Caviar Free Spirit and Life’s Abundance All Life Stages. They both feature chicken as the main ingredient, are grain inclusive and are designed for all life...
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Bad Dog Breath and How Canine Caviar Can Help

A common problem that owners face with their dogs is bad dog breath. That includes our friend Bobby Volkert and his Labrador, retriever Hendrix. Before Canine Caviar, Hendrix would have some really smelly breath. Bad dog breath is always an unpleasant start to your morning, but bad dog breath can be an important health sign to watch out for. It could possibly be related to another underlying health problem. Today, Canine Caviar wants to take some time to look at bad dog breath, it’s causes, and how you can freshen up your puppy’s breath. We’ll also see how Canine Caviar...
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