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Benefits of Buffalo Meat for Dogs and Their Health

If there’s something everybody agrees on, it’s that dogs love food! The smell of delicious meat gets their mouthwatering and excited for meal time. Dogs also have the benefit of eating different flavors, but the pet food industry is always looking to improve. One big area where dog food companies can improve is in the […]

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Benefits of Alfalfa for Dogs – A Terrific Botanical Ingredient

It’s always important that ingredients have a purpose in any meal. Canine Caviar knows this so we make sure to create nutritionally balanced diet with function. That means each ingredient serves a purpose; from our dehydrated meats to our smallest additions of herbs and botanical. We’d like to focus on one such ingredient. Alfalfa, a […]

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Canine Caviar’s New Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans

Canine Caviar is beginning the distribution of the new Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans. The line includes synthetic free duck, turkey, lamb, and salmon. This line is one of the few dog food products around the world to be synthetic free. And we know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean it’s synthetic free now? […]

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Dried Sweet Potato for Dogs- The Best Dog Treat You’ll Ever Find

Dog treats are one of the most effective tools we have to train our dogs but it’s important that we keep in mind what we’re giving them. If you buy whatever dog treat you see out of convenience, it could spell trouble. Treats could be packed with chemicals or ingredients that are in no way […]

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Real Health Benefits from Real Plants

Pet food talk usually focuses on the proteins and the grains, but what about the other ingredients in your pet’s food? Did you know that there are carefully selected ingredients from a variety of real plant sources all selected because of the specific health benefits that they provide to your dog. Learn more about the […]