Where To Buy Canine Caviar: 2020 Edition

2019 is almost over and Canine Caviar has seen some significant growth this year. We expect more growth in 2020 which means more dog food for more people and that’s always a great thing. But with all this change, how does it affect where or how you buy Canine Caviar products. Today we want to talk about the different options you have when buying Canine Caviar heading into 2020.

Buy Canine Caviar at Brick and Mortar Retailers

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Canine Caviar loves supporting small business above all else. Instead of putting our products in big box stores, we think creating relationships with hardworking independent businesses is the way to go. This is primarily for two reasons

Independent stores provide a quality of personalization and customer service that we value highly. We understand the importance of meaningful relationships with consumers that benefit both sides. Independent businesses are very much the same way, making our ability to connect and synergize possible.

Second, small businesses are more trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer. Small business owners take time to know what they’re selling in order to give good customer service. That means when a business is selling Canine Caviar, they understand our goals and our behind our food.

Use the store locator to see if there’s a Canine Caviar retailer near you. If your favorite retailer doesn’t buy Canine Caviar, give us a call or email and we’ll reach out to them.

Expanding Our Reach

Canine Caviar is working on increasing the number of independent stores our food is located in. 2020 will be a good year for growth thanks to our new family members. Canine Caviar likes to use outside sales representatives to go into stores and get Canine Caviar on the shelf. This year, we have expanded our sales team so we can cover more territory next year and become more readily available.

If you’d like to see if any reps cover your state or contact them, check out the team page on our website.

Buy Canine Caviar Online

If you prefer buying online or don’t have a store near you, then we do have some online options available. We sell on multiple online retailers which you can find here but we work on finding new additions as well.

One of our newest partners is Doggie Bag Delivers. With Doggie Bag, dropship from our warehouse to your door for any orders that go through their site. That means you always get fresh product straight to your door. They offer free shipping as well as autoship so visit Doggie Bag if you’re looking for a new online retailer to buy Canine Caviar from.

Canine Caviar’s Nationwide Recognition

Why Buy Canine Caviar

Canine Caviar is heading into 2020 with some expectations. That’s because we’ve been gaining some recognition this year. We’ve been named in a list for most influential pet food brands for the next several years by a couple of independent market research groups. This has sparked great interest in the company.

We’ve also been rated highly as a good safe product concerning recent DCM concerns. This has helped with a growth in reviews of our products. These reviews have been positive and helpful for new members of the Canine Caviar family.

Why Buy Canine Caviar?

Canine Caviar is highly rated by independent groups, consumers, dogs, and reviewers alike. It’s because our approach is simple. We make a diet with only one protein source and one complex carbohydrate along with botanicals and other yummy ingredients. We aren’t a company that relies on heavy marketing; just the science of our formulas and the results they produce. That’s it, Canine Caviar keeps it easy and honest that way people know what they’re buying.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been a loyal Canine Caviar customer, we thank you for your great support. If you’re new, we hope you and your little furbabies enjoy the food! We are always working on making a difference in dogs’ lives through simply good nutrition and the good owners who support our philosophy.

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