Frozen Dog Food Toppers vs Canine Caviar Food Toppers

Dinner time is the best time of day for a dog because they get to snack on their favorite meal, and maybe they might get a special treat to go along with it. Nowadays dog food toppers are a popular option to spice up a dog’s meal and show them that you care. There are many types of toppers to choose from such as treat toppers, vegetable, meat, and raw toppers. Today though, we don’t only want to talk about nutritional differences between toppers but also the effect of packaging! Packaging is very important and helps people make decisions. For example, there are people who prefer frozen dog food toppers because they feel that they’re a great product.

Canine Caviar has Synthetic Free Canned Gourmet Toppers that are made of 99% meat and work as the perfect raw topper to put on top of your dog’s kibble. Let’s compare the packaging benefits of Canine Caviar’s toppers to standard frozen dog food toppers.

The Environmental Benefit of Cans

An aluminum can

Let’s start with packaging of our gourmet toppers compared to frozen dog food toppers. Canine Caviar cold processes and cans the raw toppers. People tend to have negative connotations about cans. You might associate a can with a low-quality product or maybe a product that’s more convenient than tasty. This is certainly not the case. Cans are a perfect beneficial way to store our toppers. That’s primarily for two reasons.

The first good reason is that our cans are recyclable. Canine Caviar’s focus is on having a minimal impact on the environment. Keeping the planet clean is a top priority so packaging that can be reused is a major plus. Another reason why our cans are so great is because you don’t need to waste any added resources in storing them. Unopened cans just need to go in the pantry or on the shelf and they’re good.

Frozen Dog Food and Plastic Waste

frozen dog food waste example

The same can’t be said for frozen dog food products. Frozen dog food toppers tend to come in layers of plastic packaging. This adds unnecessary waste. Just for the year 2015, the world produced 381 million tons of plastic. In that same year, only 20% of plastic was recycled. Sadly, the plastic packaging in most frozen dog food products cannot be recycled.

You also must refrigerate frozen dog food which consumes electricity and space in your freezer. And while there won’t be a change in your electricity bill, it is a problem for retailers who consume a lot more electricity than a regular household. Having to leave powerful refrigerators on 24/7 to store frozen dog food consumes a lot of energy and money out of the business.

Nutritional Differences Between Canine Caviar and Frozen Dog Food

Now let’s talk about the nutrition of Canine Caviar’s canned meat toppers. As you may know, our canned toppers are 99% meat and made up of only 4 ingredients. The raw meat is comes from sustainable and free range sources which are cold processed. Our minimal processing approach helps retain the nutritional excellence of our meat and keep it highly digestible. That means that your dog is going to receive the full benefits of our gourmet toppers and there won’t be much waste to pick up after.

Our Synthetic Free Canned Gourmet Toppers are a great option for people who also want to feed raw. Combine our gourmet toppers with our Synergy Vegetable Mix and our Norwegian Sun-Cured Kelp for a complete homemade diet.

Let’s now take a quick look at frozen dog food. The nutritional value will differ from brand to brand but here are some common characteristics to keep in mind. Frozen dog food tends to keep a majority of its moisture. That moisture makes up a lot of the volume in the products you buy. More importantly, it means you have to feed a lot more to meet the same level of nutrition as a kibble due to kibble’s condensed nature.

Final Thoughts

As pet parents, nutrition tends to be the only thing on our minds but the ecological footprint dog food products leave behind is also important. To purchase products that are both good for your dog and the environment is a plus and should be the standard to strive for. Canine Caviar’s approach is to create minimal waste while maintaining quality protection for all our products. The nature of frozen dog food can be wasteful in both packaging and resources. So, if you’re looking for a quality raw product that’s also good for the environment, consider Canine Caviar’s Gourmet Food Toppers.