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Why pH Balance in Dogs is Important to Their Health

There are many systems taking place in our dog’s body all at once. You have the muscular system and the digestive system and many more working together to help your dogs move, think, play, and stay healthy. There’s one vital aspect that often goes unnoticed though; the pH levels in a dog’s system. The pH […]

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Brewster The Retriever! Growing Up On Canine Caviar

  Everybody say hello to Brewster! Brewster is a two year old Golden Retriever with a lot of personaltiy and love. This guy loves the outdoors and his family and on top of it, he’s part of the Canine Caviar family. He’s been on Canine Caviar since he was a pup and is now a […]

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There Ain’t No Bugs On Me

Lyme Disease Prevention Month & National Heartworm Prevention Awareness Month By Lynn Stacy Smith     I will never forget the day that I learned a hard lesson about letting my dog frolic in the tall grass of a hiking trail on a beautiful sunny day. The hike itself was perfect, just Dutch, my late […]

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Canine Caviar 2013: The Year in Review

By Lynn Stacy-Smith As we look ahead to 2014 we cannot help but look back on all of the exciting events of 2013, the new friends we made along the way, new products and a record number of new Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar customers whose pet-parents made the decision to switch them to what […]

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Merchant of the Month: Happy Retales,Brentwood, TN

By Lynn Stacy-Smith When general manager Kimberly Thompson attended a distributor trade show in the spring of 2013 she was not looking for another dog food to stock in the Happy Retales store in Brentwood, Tennessee. However, after stopping by the Canine Caviar booth and talking to the sales representatives in the store, Thompson said […]

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The Truth About Cats & Dogs…well, their PH at least!

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  Have you ever wondered why your dogs and cats need different diets? When we talk about our holistic dog food we talk about the benefits of an alkaline diet for your pet as it promotes healthy tissues and an overall healthy pet. But when it comes to feline caviar our goal is […]

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The World of Holistic Pet Food Begins with People In Charge

It starts with the People. The People in charge have to have huge desire to maintain the commitment and integrity of the Mission. The People make a difference at Canine Caviar and the focus is not to sell every bag of food, but to sell food that is going to make a difference in the […]