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Sweet Potato Treats | 3 Important Factors To Choosing Quality Treats

Canine Caviar always focuses on making dog treats that are both healthy and natural as possible. This philosophy has sprung our line of Dehydrated Buffalo Treats, Synergy Vegetable Mix, Sun-Dried Kelp Supplement, and our top selling Dried Sweet Potato treats. Our sweet potato in particular is a fan favorite for dogs and owners alike. What […]

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Frozen Dog Food Toppers vs Canine Caviar Food Toppers

Dinner time is the best time of day for a dog because they get to snack on their favorite meal, and maybe they might get a special treat to go along with it. Nowadays dog food toppers are a popular option to spice up a dog’s meal and show them that you care. There are […]

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9 Icky Fruits and Vegetables Toxic to Dogs

Last week we talked about fruits and vegetables that worked as refreshing treats for your dogs. Hopefully, those fruits and veggies help you and your dog stay cool heading into summer. There was a subject we didn’t cover; the fruits and vegetables toxic to dogs. Treating our dogs to a nice treat is wonderful. Whats […]

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10 Wonderful Vegetables and Fruits Safe for Dogs

  With the arrival of spring, we can expect the following days to get warmer and warmer. With the rise of the heat heading into summer, that means we’re going have to keep ourselves cool. Dogs are also looking for ways to keep cool. That may mean laying in the shade or jumping into the […]

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Dried Sweet Potato for Dogs- The Best Dog Treat You’ll Ever Find

Dog treats are one of the most effective tools we have to train our dogs but it’s important that we keep in mind what we’re giving them. If you buy whatever dog treat you see out of convenience, it could spell trouble. Treats could be packed with chemicals or ingredients that are in no way […]