Benefits of Coconut for Dogs – Improving Dog Health

Canine Caviar believes only using ingredients that aren’t only delicious but serve a beneficial purpose. An ingredient shouldn’t just be taking up space; it should improve the health of your 4-legged friend and help support their needs. That’s why we love to use ingredients that assist dogs in many different ways. One such ingredient is coconut. The benefits of coconut for dogs are abundant. We’ll go through some of the best benefits of coconut for dogs.

Skin and Coat Benefits of Coconut

Half Broken Coconut

Coconut is great for an exemplary skin and coat. The fatty acids inside the coconut help keep the coat healthy, soft, and shiny. It also helps alleviate symptoms such as hot spots, itchy skin and yeast infections. If you have a dog that has dry or itchy skin, a little bit coconut can go a long way.

Blood and the Circulatory System

Coconut is a really helpful ingredient for the circulatory system. For one, coconut is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help rid of free radicals which harm cells and accelerate aging. The lack of free radicals slows down the aging process and red blood cells stay healthy as they give oxygen to necessary organs. The antioxidants also help boost blood flow and circulation along with a good diet and exercise.

Coconut also improves insulin production. Insulin helps the body to utilize glucose otherwise known as sugar. A healthy insulin production will keep blood sugar levels from getting too high or too low which is great for dogs at risk for diabetes.

Immune System Benefits of Coconut for Dogs

The Immune system also benefits from coconut. Coconut gives the body a boost when it comes to recognizing and dealing with foreign microbial intruders. These include fungal and other bacteria, parasites, and viruses which cause real issues towards your dog’s health. Coconut is a great natural way to fight off antigens and power the immune system.

Coconut is also great against inflammation. Reduced inflammation can help with arthritis, especially for larger breed dogs. It will also help with hot spots, one of the most common skin conditions.

Coconut Fiber

Benefits of Coconuts for dogs.

Fiber from coconut is another plus to the already wonderful ingredient. For one, coconut fiber promotes good intestinal health. The fiber helps clean the intestines of unwanted materials and balances the bacterial flora.

Coconut fiber also helps decrease the chances of intestinal cancers. That’s thanks to the fiber removing all those materials and keeping the intestines healthy. Harmful materials include toxins, carcinogens, and bad bacteria. Keeping the colon and intestines healthy will help your pooch absorb nutrients more effectively and out of harm’s way.

Don’t Give Your Dog too Much Coconut

Remember, too much of anything can be a bad thing. If you give more coconut than is necessary, you might see some gastrointestinal issues. Too much coconut can lead to an upset stomach and bloat, common but still uncomfortable symptoms. The effectiveness of coconut lies in the right proportion. If you’re unsure how much coconut is appropriate or right for you dog, consult with your doctor for more information.

Canine Caviar and Coconut

All Canine Caviar diets include coconut for added nutritional benefits. We strive to use coconut to its full potential because the benefits associated are invaluable in our eyes. That’s why coconut is appropriately listed as the fourth ingredient in our diets. The benefits of coconut for dogs are many and we urge pet parents to utilize this super food when possible.

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