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This blog is for all of you enthusiastic dog owners looking for helpful tips to improve the quality of health in your dog. We’ll provide tips, health topics and answer questions all surrounding your special pooch.

Frozen Dog Food Toppers vs Canine Caviar Food Toppers

Dinner time is the best time of day for a dog because they get to snack on their favorite meal, and maybe they might get a special treat to go along with it. Nowadays dog food toppers are a popular option to spice up a dog’s meal and show them that you care. There are many types of toppers to choose from such as treat toppers, vegetable, meat, and raw toppers. Today though, we don’t only want to talk about nutritional differences between toppers but also the effect of packaging! Packaging is very important and helps people make decisions. For...
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Hannah The Italian Mastiff – From Underweight Dog to Happy Hound

Today we have a really great story so please feel free to share this heartwarming story with your friends and family. We want to tell you the story of Hannah the Italian Mastiff (aka Cane Corso) and how Canine Caviar has helped her from a difficult situation. Hannah came to her new owner, Julie severely underweight which no pet parent wants to go through but after 6 months, Hannah’s health has greatly improved. Hannah has transformed from and underweight dog to a lively and resilient addition to Julie’s family. Julie Meets Hannah Julie was looking for a new family member...
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Where To Buy Canine Caviar: 2020 Edition

2019 is almost over and Canine Caviar has seen some significant growth this year. We expect more growth in 2020 which means more dog food for more people and that’s always a great thing. But with all this change, how does it affect where or how you buy Canine Caviar products. Today we want to talk about the different options you have when buying Canine Caviar heading into 2020. Buy Canine Caviar at Brick and Mortar Retailers Canine Caviar loves supporting small business above all else. Instead of putting our products in big box stores, we think creating relationships with...
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The Benefits Breakdown of Canine Caviar’s Carbohydrate Sources

Canine Caviar diets use limited ingredients so dogs can effectively absorb nutrients. Since we use fewer ingredients, we make sure that each one serves a vital role in the our food . That includes the carbohydrates we include in each formula. Carbohydrate sources are prevalent in the dog food industry so it’s an aspect you should pay attention to. Let’s take some time to go into each one of the carbohydrate sources we utilize. The Purpose of a Carbohydrate in Dog Food Carbohydrates in general help to serve two purposes. The first purpose is to provide a source of energy....
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Benefits of Coconut for Dogs – Improving Dog Health

Canine Caviar believes only using ingredients that aren’t only delicious but serve a beneficial purpose. An ingredient shouldn’t just be taking up space; it should improve the health of your 4-legged friend and help support their needs. That’s why we love to use ingredients that assist dogs in many different ways. One such ingredient is coconut. The benefits of coconut for dogs are abundant. We’ll go through some of the best benefits of coconut for dogs. Skin and Coat Benefits of Coconut Coconut is great for an exemplary skin and coat. The fatty acids inside the coconut help keep the...
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