The Truth About Cats & Dogs…well, their PH at least!

By Lynn Stacy-Smithcat dog ph strip - benefits of an alkaline diet 

Have you ever wondered why your dogs and cats need different diets? When we talk about our holistic dog food we talk about the benefits of an alkaline diet for your pet as it promotes healthy tissues and an overall healthy pet. But when it comes to feline caviar our goal is to keep your pet’s PH at a slightly acidic range of 6.1 to 6.4.

Cats need to have a slightly acidic PH in their bodies in order to keep their urinary tract healthy. This pH balance lowers the calcium oxalates, helps prevent stones and low magnesium levels help prevent struvite crystals from forming. A struvite crystal is a common type of urinary tract stone.

In households with both cats and dogs you should try to keep your dog away from the cat’s food and vice-versa. Feed your dog on a regular schedule instead of allowing grazing throughout the day. Keep your cat food in an area that is hard to access for the dog but easy for the cat to reach so that your pets eat the right food for their species.