Brewster The Retriever! Growing Up On Canine Caviar


Growing up on Canine Caviar
Our friendly pal Brewster says hi to the entire Canine Caviar family!

Everybody say hello to Brewster! Brewster is a two year old Golden Retriever with a lot of personaltiy and love. This guy loves the outdoors and his family and on top of it, he’s part of the Canine Caviar family. He’s been on Canine Caviar since he was a pup and is now a strong healthy retriever full of joy! Brewster is at his healthiest and it’s all thanks to Canine Caviar’s formulas as well as the love from his family. But how do our formulas help your dogs be as awesome as they can be?

A lot of science goes behind the formulation of our diets. Through 20 years of dog food experience, we’ve come up with top quality formulas perfect for dogs. These formulas are designed to help your dog in numerous ways and improve its quality of life. All of this so your dog can be happy and healthy alongside you for as long as possible. Let’s take a closer look at Canine Caviar and Brewster to see how your dog can grow up to be an awesome dog.

Simple Proteins and Complex Carbs

Simple Proteins and Complex Carbs

This is puppy Brewster and boy is he adorable. Who would have guessed he’d grow into the lovable goof he is now so fast. But in order to grow fast and healthy, you need the right food to do the right job. But what makes a diet like ours the right food? The key in our diet (and a must for other diets) is our simple protein carbohydrate philosophy. Each one of our diets uses one single source of protein such as chicken or lamb to name a few. Each diet also uses one source of complex carbs like pearl millet or split peas. There’s a reason we believe in the simple combination of these two components. They make for better nutritional absorption.

Nutritional Absorption

What is nutritional absorption? All dog food (and regular food for that matter) has nutritional value. Any specific brand of dog food has a certain amount of carbs, protein, sugars, and other nutrients. All these things are great but there’s a problem. Your dog (and you) may not be absorbing all the nutrition in the food. Every dogs’ stomach works differently and absorbs nutrition at varying levels of power and efficiency. Dog food has to be designed to be easily digestible so dogs can absorb the nutrition properly and get all the good stuff inside. All dog food brands have a certain level of digestibility and Canine Caviar’s is the highest on the market! Canine Caviar’s digestibility rate is 91-93% for out limited ingredient diets. That means when your dog eats our food, they are getting the most nutrition absorption compared to other brands.Nutritional Absorption and canine caviar

That’s a huge benefit for little puppy Brewster! From day one he’s been absorbing a high amount of nutrition from Canine Caviar’s limited ingredient dog food. That makes it easy for Brewster to grow big and strong. These comparison shots tell the story. If you’re eating the right food, you will become the picture of great health. You also won’t be able to fit in the chair any longer.

Canine Caviar Uses Ingredients That Make A Difference

Canine Caviar All Natural Ingredients
Here’s Brewster having the best time with his family!

Brewster loves devoting time to his family. Whether it’s cuddling on the couch or a family trip to the park, Brewster commits himself to his loved ones. In order to give all that love Brewster has to have the energy to dish it out. Canine Caviar understands that we have to give dogs the best if we want them to be at their best. That’s why we make sure our ingredients make a difference. Our ingredients are formulated to serve multiple functions and help dogs in different ways. Just like how our single protein and complex carb help for easy absorption, other ingredients help in other ways.

Canine Caviar’s limited ingredient diets contain both prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics and probiotics help Brewster improve his digestion in the intestines. Probiotics help break down food and improve the effectiveness and cleanliness of Brewster’s intestine. Brewster has healthy bowels and an intestine that’s now more effective.

Canine Caviar diets also contain a healthy set of botanicals. These botanicals play important roles for your dogs and Brewster alike. For example, we use Sun-Cured Alfalfa in our diets. Sun-Cured Alfalfa improves the appetite and aids in neutralizing stomach ailments, cleansing the kidneys and removing poisons from the body. We also use Fenugreek in our diets. Fenugreek helps decrease inflammation, maintain healthy metabolism and lower blood glucose. It also contains vitamin C, niacin and alkaloids. This is just an example of how we design our ingredients to serve different needs.

One last thing to note. Canine Caviar never puts anything bad in its diets. We strive to be the best choice for all dogs. There are plenty of horrible ingredients that can be found in dog food but not ours. We make sure not to include any fillers, by-products, GMOs, and chemical preservatives to name a few. It’s our responsibility to provide only the best for dogs like Brewster.

Canine Caviar healthy ingredients

Maintaining a Healthy PH Balance

The last little secret to Brewster’s awesome health is our strong belief in PH Balance. PH refers to how acidic or alkaline something is for example, our bodies. This range scales from 1-14; 1 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. The PH of your dog should be between 7.1-7.4 which is the maximal healthy range. To achieve this, your dog’s diet should also be in this range which is what we accomplish. Canine Caviar limited ingredient diets are designed to fall within this range. How do we do it? We design our diet with ingredients that balance each other out and compliment each other. An example would be using our alkaline botanicals to counteract the acidity in our meats. We make diets that have harmony and don’t cause chaos in your dog’s digestive system.

Canine Caviar and PH BalanceJust as we want peace and happiness for all dogs, Brewster appreciates it just like this peaceful nap he’s taking. Canine Caviar is focused on bringing joy and peace of mind to our dogs. None of us want them to go through allergic reactions, excessive scratching or worse. We want our dogs to be full of life and to stick by our side as our best friend. That’s why maintaining a healthy PH is important. It allows your dog, like Brewster, to stay at peak health which lowers risks of diseases, and specific conditions like allergies or tear stains. Your dog won’t have to worry about having an upset stomach or losing its fur. It can focus on what it loves and that’s you.

Brewster’s 1st Birthday
Growing Up on Canine Caviar
Brewster on his 1st birthday. He had a great time with his family.

This is Brewster enjoying his first birthday. He grew to be a playful goofy friend to his loved ones. Canine Caviar has helped Brewster maintain the health, energy, and balance he needs to be happy. Brewster uses that energy for his adventures at the park, pond, as well as daily jogs through the neighborhood. Brewster is still growing up and hit 2 years old not too long ago. He’s still living it up as the young charismatic Golden Retriever he is. He’ll continue growing up big and strong with a little help from Canine Caviar.

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