Canine Caviar 2013: The Year in Review

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

As we look ahead to 2014 we cannot help but look back on all of the exciting events of 2013, the new friends we made along the way, new products and a record number of new Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar customers whose pet-parents made the decision to switch them to what we believe to be the best dog food and best cat food available.

Google Hangouts:

Canine Caviar 2013 Jeff Baker on a Google Hangout - canine caviar alkaline diet


At the end of March we kicked off our first Google Hangout with the founder, CEO and Research Scientist for Canine Caviar, Jeff Baker, who spoke about the benefits of an alkaline diet for dogs. Twenty hangouts later we wrapped up for the year by answering a pet owner question about canine bladder infections. We are currently planning our topics for more Google Hangouts with Jeff Baker in 2014.

Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation (CCCRF):

In May we re-launched the Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation with a red carpet fundraising soiree where the dogs dressed up and walked the red carpet at the Highlander Pet Center in Monrovia, California. Actor John Littlefield join the CCCRF as the official spokesperson and was in attendance at the red carpet soiree.

In August we moved the red carpet over 1186932_630790896952681_641548860_n - canine caviar 2013 alkaline dietto Posh Pooch, Inc. in Huntington Beach, California and added a Hawaiian theme. We were joined again by John Littlefield as well as some of the canine and human cast of the Wiener Dog Nationals movie. Over $1000 was raised for the CCCRF as the dogs strutted the red carpet in their finest Hawaiian gear at the Aloha PAWmegracie and bruiser on aloha pawmehana red carpet - canine caviar 2013 alkaline diethana event.




Weiner Dog Nationals

Canine Caviar was honored to attend the Red Carpet event that kicked off the release of the independent film Wiener Dog Nationals. Friendships were formed between the Canine Caviar team and the dogs and owners. Both Gracie and Bruiser switched their diets over to Canine Caviar. Julie Anderson who handles public relations for Wiener Dog Nationals human stars Austin Anderson and Caitlin Carmichael loved our holistic pet food so much that she joined the Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation and switched her own dachshund over to Canine Caviar. One movie premier, three dachshunds on the road to better health and a huge win for the CCCRF! Gracie and Bruiser will need such good nutrition as they begin filming the sequel, the Wiener Dog Internationals movie.

65th Annual Emmy Awards & Eco Emmy Party

In September Dawn Barraco and Doreen Wong of Canine Caviar attended the 7th Annual Eco Emmy pre-award show party, which focuses on empowering women and showcasing environmentally friendly products. Through this event we were able to share the mission of the Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation and the benefits of the Canine Caviar alkaline diet, the ph balance it provides and the grain free dog food formulas with attendees, including celebrities like Penny Marshall, actress Sharon Lawrence and actress Erin Murphy from Bewitched.

Feline Caviar Wet Food

12-15-2013 8-41-28 PM - canine caviar 2013 alkaline diet

We could not be more excited to have introduced 7 new delicious flavors of Feline Caviar in our new wet food. This product is innovative in its recyclable packing that acts as the actual food bowl to its new flavors with ingredients like pineapple, peas, carrots, bell peppers, pumpkin and plenty of the moisture that cats need to maintain healthy urinary tracts. If you haven’t tried this new grain free cat food for your purr friends, check it out at All of the cat owners at Canine/Feline Caviar report four paws up with their personal taste testers!

Social Media

We released the first Canine Caviar newsletter I April 2013 and have doubled our recipient list in the last eight months. We also began blogging again and reached a Facebook milestone of 10,000 fans on our Canine Caviar page. We launched our Feline Caviar page and website and also redesigned our Canine Caviar site. We are so appreciative of everyone who has liked our page and helped share our mission of creating the best dog food to increase the number of healthy pets throughout the world.


What to look forward to in 2014:

Watch for more Google Hangouts with Jeff Baker and join us in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. We love photos of the pets who are benefiting from our holistic dog and cat food! Also visit us online at the following links to share your canine/feline testimonials or suggest ideas for our blog and newsletter: