The World of Holistic Pet Food Begins with People In Charge

It starts with the People. The People in charge have to have huge desire to maintain the commitment and integrity of the Mission. The People make a difference at Canine Caviar and the focus is not to sell every bag of food, but to sell food that is going to make a difference in the health and longevity of your pet’s life.

We get daily stories about what the food has done to improve the health of pets and we love reading them, but I want to make sure it is clear. The food cannot be like that without those who have a passion and deep caring for animals. There is so much research that goes into every morsel.

Jeff Baker, co-founder, is a research scientist with a background in pharmacology and nutrition.. His story and news can be found on the website.

His story starts Canine Caviar pet food off because he loved his Great Dane so much that he used his knowledge and background to do what he could to not only save Moguls from daily injections but to bring him quality of life. Moguls lived to be 17! That is unheard of and because of this and the excitement that this caused in the Pet world, Jeff chose to continue even after Moguls passed to develop something that would be easy for everyone to serve their pets. He is very purpose driven.

We are currently writing People articles for Pet Product News because we do truly feel good people come first. We hope you will take the time to read them as they begin to come out. We will also share in this blog because there are so many people who have intentionally subscribed to our blog.

Our first Person we would like to Feature is our New National Sales Manager.

Bob Vella has been in the pet industry for over thirty years. In that time he has served a number of positions. Bob began as a pet store employee before being promoted to store manager; here, Bob learned the intricacies of retail. Bob completely learned the retail side of this industry in a few short years. Bob pursued an employment position at a large pet distributor in California in Sales next and by sharing his vision with that owner and he was able pioneer the “territory” Sales business model. Many new accounts were discovered and allowed for expansion. For this and many other reasons, Bob was consistently awarded “Salesman of the Year” as well as many other awards were received throughout his 15 years of employment there.

Shortly after, Bob chose to go back to work at the store he once managed and then purchased it a few years later.

The store has increased Bob’s experience and cemented his love for the industry. He is especially proud of his voice being called to serve the pet industry on the Air Waves, while standing in the store one day, answering several phone calls from pet lovers about their pets, someone from a local radio station heard Bob’s enthusiasm to help and suggested that he start a pet-related talk show. Equipped with a good radio voice, pet product experience, and practical pet-keeping knowledge, the show was launched and became a National success. The Project was complete after 8 years on the air.

His passion for Pets and their Health led him to Canine Caviar.

He found it very easy to talk to Pet Parents about the True Holistic approach and the fact that Canine Caviar is the ONLY Alkaline based diet specifically formulated to help raise the pH to the pet’s proper balance. He knew that this dedication in a company along with a quality product was in sync with his Mission and that was to help pets be as healthy as they can be.

After working as the California regional Sales Rep for several years, he was promoted to the National Sales Manager for Canine Caviar.

When asked why Canine Caviar when he could clearly work for any of the pet food companies… he said, “It is about the Health of the Pets and Canine Caviar Makes a Difference.”