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The Alkaline Diet – What You Need to Know About Alkalinity

  Finding the right kind of diet for your dog is important. Your dog’s diet establishes multiple aspects of your dog. The energy it has throughout the day, the strength of its immune system, and the possibility to develop chronic illnesses to name a few. It’s not just important to find the right diet, it’s […]

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Brewster The Retriever! Growing Up On Canine Caviar

  Everybody say hello to Brewster! Brewster is a two year old Golden Retriever with a lot of personaltiy and love. This guy loves the outdoors and his family and on top of it, he’s part of the Canine Caviar family. He’s been on Canine Caviar since he was a pup and is now a […]

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The Truth About Cats & Dogs…well, their PH at least!

By Lynn Stacy-Smith  Have you ever wondered why your dogs and cats need different diets? When we talk about our holistic dog food we talk about the benefits of an alkaline diet for your pet as it promotes healthy tissues and an overall healthy pet. But when it comes to feline caviar our goal is […]