Flash Cooking: How Canine Caviar Cooks its Beloved Dog Food


Flash Cooking and Canine caviae
Canine Caviar’s flash cooking process is the best way to prepare dog food

Dog food can often times be a complex subject. We want to provide our dogs with the best food we possibly can but there are a lot of factors that go into a dog food diet. We consider the ingredients of your dog’s diet, the source of them, the balance between proteins, fats, and carbs. It’s a lot to consider when deciding the best dog food for your friend. But do you ever consider not just what’s in your dog’s food but the cooking process? People don’t give much thought to the cooking process and how it’s another big factor to consider. Dog food companies cook their diets in different ways and it’s important that you understand the quality difference.

Canine Caviar limited ingredient diets are created using a flash cooking process, which is the most beneficial to your dog. Today we’ll talk about how our flash cooking process works and the benefits of it compared traditional cooking.

The Flash Cooking Process

Canine Caviar's Flash Cooking Process. How it's cooked

This picture highlights the flash cooking process in a nutshell. We take our limited ingredient diet and put it in our flash cooker. The machine is built for the single purpose of cooking our food just right. When all the food is ready to cook, the flash cooker begins. The diets will cook for only 6 seconds at 82 degrees Celsius. 82 degrees Celsius is equivalent to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. These two specific conditions help maintain the nutritional integrity and increases the foods bioavailability. Don’t worry if you don’t understand. Let’s break down what’s happening during the flash cooking process.

Two major things happen when the limited ingredient diets are cooking so rapidly. One, it cooks the outside of the kibble which works as a case for the insides. Second, the insides are preserved by the outer case and aren’t cooked as thoroughly as the outside layer. Why is this important? When you cook any food, the food loses nutritional value. Benefits such as nutrients and calories; Overcooking removes some of it during the process. The case is different with Canine Caviar’s flash cooking process. The fast flash cook prepares the outside but keeps the nutrition and other great benefits on the inside.

The insides are what what we refer to as the nutritional integrity. It’s where you fund all the good stuff like essential vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and more. All that good stuff is what increases the bioavailability of our food. In short, our flash cooking process maximizes the good and minimizes the bad.


Benefits of Flash Cloocking

Benefits of flash cooking

That’s a good question Buster. What are the great benefits of flash cooking. As we previously discussed, flash cooking maintains the bioavailability of the food. All the proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, fat; it’s all tightly packed inside the kibble. Packing all that healthy goodness makes our kibble more effective! You have more nutrients per cup compared to other dog food. That means your dog is getting more from our food and that’s what we want; a dog with all the essential nutrients it needs. That way your dog can perform at its best and be full of fun energy.

Flash Over Conventional Cooking

Canine Caviar vs Other brands flash cookingHow does flash cooking compare to traditional cooking often used by other dog food brands? In traditional cooking, dog food tends to be overcooked and that leads to loss of nutrition. The tell tale sign of poorly prepared food is a lost of calories. Calories are a sign of whether the great nutrients that were originally in the food stayed there. 5 out of 6 of our limited ingredient diets are over 500 calories per cup. Our other, Special Needs, we design for weight loss at a calorie count of 399Kcal/cup. Compare the calories per cup in Canine Caviar to any other limited ingredient brand and you’ll see the difference. Our diets hold more calories per cup than any of our competitors. That’s thanks to our flash cooking process and it’s ability to maintain rich nutrients.

It also results in a higher amounts of protein and fat per cup per our guaranteed analysis.

Appreciation for Flash Cooking

Canine Caviar cares a lot about your dogs. That’s why we create methods and formulas that can deliver the best results. From our scientifically designed alkaline limited ingredient diets to our flash cooking process. We handle everything with a health oriented mind and a big passion for dogs. We hope you’ve learned some valuable information. If you want to read some more helpful information, visit the Canine Caviar Blog. You can find posts about the benefits of certain ingredients like pearl millet or hear awesome stories from our Canine Caviar family, like Brewster the retriever.