9 Icky Fruits and Vegetables Toxic to Dogs

Fruits and veggies toxic to dogs
Which foods are toxic to dogs?

Last week we talked about fruits and vegetables that worked as refreshing treats for your dogs. Hopefully, those fruits and veggies help you and your dog stay cool heading into summer. There was a subject we didn’t cover; the fruits and vegetables toxic to dogs. Treating our dogs to a nice treat is wonderful. Whats even more wonderful is making sure our dogs don’t eat anything toxic. Some fruits and vegetables have a negative effect on your dog’s health. That’s why it’s crucial you do some research and be well informed.

Canine Caviar is also here to help. We have a short list of some fruits and veggies that are toxic to dogs. Consuming these fruits carry a range of symptoms from upset stomach to more fatal conditions. We hope you find some interesting facts and learn something new.


Asparagus is toxic to dogs bad vegetablesAsparagus isn’t fatally toxic to dogs but it isn’t pleasant either. For one, it isn’t an easy veggie to digest. Dogs will have trouble processing raw asparagus. What about cooking the asparagus? Cooking would make it easier to chew but when you cook vegetables, they lose nutritional value. Either way, it isn’t a great choice for your dog. There are also some side effects that come with asparagus. If it doesn’t sit well, your dog may experience bad gas, vomiting, or diarrhea. There is something important to note. The stalk of the asparagus isn’t toxic to dogs but the asparagus fern is definitely toxic. It’s best that you opt from the asparagus and choose a more beneficial vegetable like carrots.


Avocado is toxic to dogs and should not be eatenAvocado is very toxic to dogs. The fruit contains a toxin known as persin; not dangerous to us but very toxic to dogs. Persin can be responsible for many different symptoms. It can cause vomiting and diarrhea like many other toxic produce but with avocados, it can get worse. Your dog can develop myocardial damage and pancreatitis. Persin is in every part of the avocado from the pit and the flesh to the skin and the leaves. No part of this fruit is safe for dogs and should be kept away from their reach. If you love avocados, just make sure to put them out of reach of your dog’s paws.


Cherries are toxic to dogsCherries are another fruit that can be very toxic to dogs. The flesh of the cherry is not toxic but the pit and leaves are. They contain cyanide which is very dangerous for dogs. That’s because cyanide breaks up the red blood cell’s ability to carry oxygen. If red blood cells can’t carry oxygen, multiple systems in the body can’t do their jobs effectively. Your dog will be OK if he or she accidentally eats one cherry. There’s a real concern if they eat many cherries. Look out for symptoms such as mediated pupils, heavy breathing, and overly red gums. Of course, take your pet to the vet if you see any of these symptoms and think it’s due to cyanide poisoning.


Currants toxic to dogsCurrants may look like cherries but they’re actually related to grapes. These little fruits grow in bushes and look like smaller rounder versions of grapes. Currants hold the same level of toxicity as grapes so don’t feed them to your dog. Symptoms that your dog may experience from eating currants include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, abdominal pain, and dehydration. In more serious cases, currants can lead to renal failure. Renal failure is when the kidneys lose the ability to remove waste and perform their other jobs. It is important to see your vet even if you do not see any immediate symptoms emerge.


Grapes are toxic to dogsGrapes are another famous food that is well known to be toxic to dogs. Scientists still don’t understand what about grapes is so toxic but they cause a lot of problems. Like currants, grapes can cause kidney damage which can be fatal. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and abdominal pain. The same goes for raisins. Raisins are just dried grapes and the toxic substance found in grapes remains during dehydration. Poisoning from grapes are very common so please prepare a safe place to leave your grapes.


mushrooms are toxic to dogsMushrooms aren’t fruits or vegetables but they’re still toxic to dogs. How dangerous will depend on the mushrooms. Wild mushrooms should definitely be avoided at all costs. Even though you may not know whether it’s poisonous, you should work on the assumption that it is. Symptoms of mushroom poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, comma, seizures and death. Mushrooms like the kind you can buy in a grocery store are generally considered safe for dogs. It would be best to avoid all mushrooms though just for good measure.


onions are toxic to dogsOnions are yet another famous vegetable toxic to dogs. They belong to the allium family along with their cousins, garlic. Onions have toxins that attack red blood cells which can result in anemia. No part of the onion is safe to consume as well as any onion powders. How much onion it takes to poison a dog will depend on the dog’s weight. if your dog does eat enough, you can expect some obvious symptoms. Symptoms include pale gums, red urine, weakness, and fainting. Even if you dog only consumes a little bit of onion, please monitor your dog or take them to the vet.


rhubarb is toxic to dogsRhubarb is toxic to dogs, even if it is delicious. This plant contains a substance known asĀ calcium oxalates. Calcium oxalates are located both in the stem and the leaves of rhubarb. Calcium oxalates go into the body as a soluble. When the calcium oxalates dissolve in the GI tract, they bind to calcium which decreases the calcium content in your dog’s body. This can result in symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, heightened salivation, tremors and acute kidney failure. It especially more dangerous if your dog manages to eat rhubarb leaves. These leaves hold more toxicity than the stalk.


Tomatoes Toxic to dosThat’s right, tomatoes can also be toxic to dogs in certain cases. Tomatoes contain a poison known as solanine. This poison can be found in the leaves and stem of tomatoes as well as inside any undeveloped tomatoes. The actual tomato isn’t harmful; you can even feed some to your dog as a treat. A store bought tomato should be plenty safe since they tend not to have any green. If your dog does happen to consume any green part, you’ll have to watch for symptoms. Symptoms include upset stomach, loss of coordination, tremors and seizures.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what is toxic to dogs. If you’re unsure, research it or ask a professional. If anything else, it’s always a good idea to be cautious and skip the treat. Never hesitate to take your dog to the vet, you never know when your dog will be in a dire situation. If you’re looking for some fruits and vegetables that are good for you friend, check our latest post onĀ 10 Wonderful Vegetables and Fruits Safe for Dogs.

Thanks for reading. If you’re looking to learn more about canine nutrition and more about Canine Caviar, check our blog. You can learn about the dangers of free feeding or learn about Canine Caviar’s alkaline diet.