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Free Feeding and its Possible Dangers

People nowadays tend to live pretty hectic lives. It seems that every couple of years, your daily routine seems busier and it becomes harder to keep up. We often end up looking for shortcuts to make the day easier and sometimes these shortcuts involve our very own pets. Dogs can be demanding creatures at times, […]

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Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs and How You Can Help

There are two types of dogs. Dogs that are eating machines, able to eat absolutely anything and everything without consequences. Then there are dogs that have extreme stomach sensitivities and need constant attention to maintain healthy digestion. If you’ve recently acquired a new dog and don’t know whether he/she has a sensitive stomach, don’t panic! […]

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Dog Dental Care During Pet Dental Awareness Month

February is Pet Dental Awareness Month! How often do you see your dentist? How often should you see your dentist? The answer is dependent on your own dental needs. Test your knowledge about pet dental by clicking here On average 100 million Americans fail to see the dentist annually for regular exams and hygiene and […]