Dotty the Queensland Heeler/Border Collie

Dotty and her beloved tennis ball - pancreatic problems collie
Dotty and her beloved tennis ball

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

Dotty, a Queensland Heeler/Border Collie mix breed dog, is an energetic three-year-old girl who loves to go to the dog park and play fetch with the tennis ball that is virtually always in her mouth. Each morning she completes her daily chore of going to get the newspaper for her human parents and she also gets to go for a half-mile scamper every day since she is trained to run next to their bicycle.  She also loves to play soccer, kicking the ball around the house with her front paws.  When she is not being active, Dotty “just likes to be near you, under your seat 24/7.” Dotty’s human mom Laurel laughed and added,  “You can’t even go to the bathroom” without Dotty trying to be by their side.

DSC07435 - pancreatic problems collie
The “luckiest puppy in the world” and a lottery ticket in case that luck was in the air!



Like many puppies, Dotty chose her family so it’s no wonder that she loves to be by them all the time. Laurel talked about when they adopted Dotty. “She came from a littler of puppies from a friend, “she said. “We had lost another dog and waited for several years to get another one. We were camping near San Diego and a friend of ours lived up in the hills in the country with a litter of puppies. We kept driving 40 miles every weekend to visit the puppies and play with them. They got bigger and bigger and then their personalities came out. Dotty would just come right up to us and was very friendly. We clicked personality wise.” Dotty’s human father referred to her as “the luckiest puppy in the world” and she headed off to her forever home.

Dotty with her human grandmother - pancreatic problems collie
Dotty with her human grandmother

Last winter, though, Dotty was not her normal energetic self.  According to Laurel, Dotty stopped eating one day and started vomiting. The vomiting continued and became bloody. A visit to the veterinarian revealed pancreatic problems. Dotty was prescribed medicine for a few weeks and a veterinary prescription diet. Her owners fed her the prescription diet for a few weeks and although Dotty did not care for the taste she improved significantly but remained listless and suffered from runny bowels.

Dotty’s owners tried several other kinds of dog foods before Kingsburg Feed & Pet Supplies in Kingsburg, California suggested Canine Caviar Holistic Pet Foods.  Dotty has been on the Canine Caviar Chicken & Pearl Millet and the Canine Caviar Lamb & Pearl Millet holistic diet for the last few months and despite being a picky eater “gobbles it up” according to her owners. “She is a healthy, happy dog now, “ they told us and has not had any other pancreatic attacks.

Dotty relaxing at home - pancreatic problems collie
Dotty relaxing at home

With her pancreatic attack behind her, Dotty is back to being a healthy pet and a regular dog. Lucky for her she is the dog of a retired couple, so she has been on a few trips including a houseboat, multiple trips to San Diego and to a beach that allows dogs. “She goes everywhere we go,” said Laurel.

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