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Canine Caviar Hangout #10 – FAQ All Life Stages Dog Food – Small Breeds vs. Large Breed Dogs

In Canine Caviar Google Hangout #10 learn about Canine Caviar’s alkaline based organic pet food and what it means to be an All Life Stages Dog food, including special considerations for a holistic diet for small breed puppies and dogs and large breed puppies and dogs. Canine Caviar believes in a holistic approach to pet nutrition […]

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March 2014 Canine Caviar Interview: Mickey the Goldendoodle

By Lynn-Stacy Smith This month Canine Caviar sat down with Mickey the Goldendoodle whose life was improved dramatically when he switched over to Canine Caviar holistic pet food. Canine Caviar newsletter (CC) Hi Mickey! Thank you for sitting down with us. Now, I know you’re still in your puppy-hood! Can you tell us how old […]