March 2014 Canine Caviar Interview: Mickey the Goldendoodle

By Lynn-Stacy Smith

This month Canine Caviar sat down with Mickey the Goldendoodle whose life was improved dramatically when he switched over to Canine Caviar holistic pet food. mickey the goldendoodle 3 - Canine Caviar grain free dog food

Canine Caviar newsletter (CC) Hi Mickey! Thank you for sitting down with us. Now, I know you’re still in your puppy-hood! Can you tell us how old you are? Are you excited about your first birthday? When will you turn one? Any party plans?

Mickey, Hi, I just turned 8 months (I’m a big boy) on February 19th and will be turning one on June 19. I haven’t given my first birthday much thought …I’m more of a ‘live in the moment, live for the day’ kinda guy…but if I know my Mom, I’m sure she will be looking into renting party space and hiring caterers.

CC: Well everyone loves a birthday party! Speaking of catering and food, how did you find out about Canine Caviar food?

Mickey: When I first came home, I had lots of problems with my stomach and my poor parents didn’t know what to feed me – they were up all night taking me out to the bathroom. Sometimes we got up ten times in one night!!! None of us were sleeping and it was really very hard on us.  It took them a little while to figure out I wasn’t tolerating the chicken and grain diet I was eating at ALL.  I am considered a large breed dog, so I need to be very careful with my calcium and protein levels while I’m still growing. My mom is kinda nuts (in a good way) and did all kinds of research and talking to all kinds of people in order to find something that would agree with my sensitive system.  The vet suggested we try venison and she found Canine Caviar grain free dog food in her research!

mickey the goldendoodle 4 - Canine Caviar grain free dog foodCC: Have you tried the natural dog treats, too? Do you have a favorite holistic dog treat?

Mickey: Well the buffalo bully sticks top my list. I’m happy to try others, if you know what I mean!

CC: I bet you would! We get a lot of offers from dogs to be treat testers. Now, tell us how your Mom found you and brought you to your forever home.

Mickey: My Mom has been pretty involved in the doodle world for the past 8 years – I had an older Goldendoodle brother who passed away from lymphoma last year. Mom asked around her doodle friends and did research a found a breeder in Florida . My parents flew down to meet me in September and brought me home in the plane cabin with them. I was so quiet, no one knew I was there until we had a bump of a landing and I popped up with a big smile and a tail wagging! Mickey the Goldendoodle - Canine Caviar grain free dog food

CC: Wow, what a good puppy to sleep through an entire plane ride! Goldendoodles are still a little bit new of a dog breed, relatively speaking. Are you a first generation Goldendoodle?

Mickey: I am a first generation…my mom is a golden retriever and my Dad is a standard poodle.

CC: Well you sure are a gorgeous boy! Do you have hair or fur?

Mickey: I have hair that keeps growing and needs to be groomed every 6-8 weeks – I don’t really shed but I am still a puppy and my coat will be ever changing until I am a full adult at about 2.

CC: What types of activities have you found that you love so far?

Mickey: Well one of my most favorite activities is of course eating!  I LOVE food and procuring it any way I can. I also love playing Mickey in the middle with my parents and a good squeaking ball – I need to play at least twice a day – I love taking walks, going to the beach and having romping play dates with any one of my many friends.

CC: I’d love to hear more about your friends. You are definitely a likable boy, so it would make sense that you’ve got a lot of buddies.

Mickey: I do have a lot of friends but my very best friend is from the same place in Florida that I came from. His name is Puffles and he is a Goldendoodle like me.  We are brothers from another mother and we can spend hours and hours together running, wrestling, playing bitey face, chewing bones and even doing training together with our Moms out in public.  I’m a little ashamed to say that we both cry when we see each other and cry when we have to leave each other too.

CC: There’s no shame in crying, so don’t worry about that! Have you started school yet with your Mom by attending training classes?

Mickey: Oh yes ..I’ve graduated from Mickey the Goldendoodle 2 - Canine Caviar grain free dog foodpuppy kindergarten and something called ‘Family Dog 1’ – it’s all about making me into a proper gentleman. All I know is that we use a clicker and loAds of treats so that equals loads of fun for me!  I LOVE going to school and I LOVE my teacher.

CC: A lot of dogs grow up to have jobs. Are you working towards a job or are you going to be more of a stay at home dog and companion to your humans?

Mickey: My first job is to be another well-loved family member but I am working towards being a therapy dog like my big brother was too.  He had a job where he got to go with Mom and kids would read to him! My Mom has been spending lots of time taking me out and about all over the place meeting and greeting all kinds of people in all kinds of places – I love it and of course it involves my favorite – a clicker and TREATS!

CC: That’s great! You will give a lot of people comfort that way. I’m curious, both breeds in your ancestry are hunting dogs. Do you have any desire to hunt birds?

Mickey: I’m not really interested in Bird hunting but bone hunting, treat hunting and good stick hunting is always tops on my list

CC: LOL, I love talking to a puppy with such a sense of humor! Puppies require a lot of patience as I’m sure you know, because there’s so much to learn! What advice would you give to pet parents of puppies and young dogs?mickey 6 - Canine Caviar grain free dog food

Mickey: I would say find lots of activities for us to get involved in so we get our minds and bodies occupied – if we are bored we will be sure to find our own fun and it’s almost never something you human parents find funny…make sure you take us to school so we can learn and make friends – we need time to learn AND time to socialize with our own kind no matter how much we love you…

CC: That is fantastic advicmickey 5 - Canine Caviar grain free dog foode!  Do you have any advice for other puppies?

Mickey: Other puppies? Hmmm…work it with your eyes kids!  If you stare with just the right amount of sweetness and innocence yet combine it with your puppy determination – you are bound to get whatever it is you want from your parents – hehehe.

CC: Hmmm, other puppy parents may have a bone to pick with me for including that advice. Anything else you would like to share with us before we let you run?

Mickey: I would just like to say that I ( and my parents) are very grateful that we found Canine Caviar dog food because not only do I love it but it seems to love me!