The Alkaline Diet – What You Need to Know About Alkalinity


Let's look at the Alkaline diet and how alkalinity can benefit your dog
Let’s look at the Alkaline diet and how alkalinity can benefit your dog

Finding the right kind of diet for your dog is important. Your dog’s diet establishes multiple aspects of your dog. The energy it has throughout the day, the strength of its immune system, and the possibility to develop chronic illnesses to name a few. It’s not just important to find the right diet, it’s hard! There are may kinds of diets in the market. You have grain free, limited ingredient, vegan, synthetic free, raw, science diets and many more. It feels frustrating because we only want to give our friends the best we can provide. Alkalinity based dog food company, Canine Caviar is here to help.

Canine Caviar knows how it feels; to want only the best for your dog. What if we told you there was a diet that could maximize the health of your dog? It sounds too good to be true but not impossible. There’s a special diet that can help address your dog’s health and even help against a variety of health issues. This diet is called the Alkaline Diet. This unique science based diet will help your best friend reach a new level of health they never could before. But what is the Alkaline Diet? How does alkalinity  help my dog? Is an alkalinity based diet right for my best friend? Let’s take a good look at alkalinity and the benefits it provides.

Understanding Alkalinity

Understanding Alkalinity and Alkaline diets

The first thing we have to do is get a good understanding of alkalinity. So what does “Alkaline” actually mean? To answer this question, we have to go back to high school chemistry. If you weren’t paying attention back then, this is the time to redeem yourself. The pH (potential for hydrogen) scale refers to how acidic or alkaline something is. It runs on a scale of 1-14 with 7 serving as the neutral point.

Here’s an example. Beef has an acidic pH of 5 while most water has a pH of about 7 and broccoli has an alkaline pH of 8. Not only is the food you eat acidic or alkaline, but so is you dog’s body. The body’s system operates on a variety of levels depending on the diet your dog eats. It could be acidic, neutral, or alkaline; it all just depends on what foods your buddy is consuming on a daily basis. The sweet spot for dogs is a pH level of 7.1-7.4. If your dog’s pH is in this golden area, it’s health is at its best possible state.

Does it matter if my dog’s pH level is a little acidic or a little alkaline? Yes, it does matter. The acidity or alkalinity of your body establishes how it will perform. Let’s talk a little more about that.

Acidity Vs Alkalinity

Alkalinity is preferred for a healthy body.

The body functions on a variety of pH levels. Many of the most important sections of the body require alkalinity for proper function. These include the brain, saliva, heart, tissue, liver, pancreas, and the intestines. You’ll also see many of the suggested ranges include the 7.1-7.4 golden area we we’re referring to earlier. People should focus on a diet that can support these necessities. An alkalinity based diet can achieve this. Canine Caviar’s Alkaline diets will bring and keep your dog’s pH level to that golden area which is good. The body will be at its healthiest because the major organs and systems will be functioning at max efficiency.

The really great thing is that you’ll see the changes show in your dog. Your dog will have more energy, and  have healthier behaviors like drinking more water and and have fewer and smaller stools.

What if my Dog’s Body is too Acidic?

What are the effects of acidity on your dog’s body? Well for one, the major organs that need alkalinity will suffer. Acidity to those organs will begin to damage them which may result in health issues. Acidity also allows there to be less oxygen in the blood, a necessary component for blood cells.A body that is too acidic also has a high chance of developing degenerative diseases.

The Benefits of an Alkalinity Based Diet

Canine Caviar's Benefits of Alkalinity
Here are the biggest benefits of an Alkaline diet.

Now that we know what Alkalinity is and its importance, let’s talk about the benefits associated with an alkalinity based diet.

Similar to the Wild Wolf’s Diet

The Alkaline diet is the closest diet for a dog that mimics its ancestors, wolves. When wolves capture their prey, the area they focus on eating are heavily alkaline. The blood, organs,intestines, spinal fluid all have alkalinity. An alkaline diet must replicate the rich sources of alkalinity common to wolves in the wild.

More Oxygen in the Body

We all know that the body needs oxygen to function properly and healthy. Acidic diets, like we said earlier, limit oxygen supply and harm the organs. Alkalinity helps put more oxygen in the system. The organs get a healthier steady supply of oxygen and can do their job better.

Decrease in Anaerobic Activity

Anaerobic activity refers to short energy demanding movement. This type of activity requires more oxygen than he body has supplied which results in muscle fatigue and faster aging. Alkalinity as we just discussed provides more oxygen to the body. That means there is less significant damage from anaerobic activity. The result is less muscle fatigue and anti-aging capabilities. Your dog will feel and look better on an Alkaline diet.

Better Prevention Against Chronic Illnesses

Acidic bodies develop chronic illnesses due to the poor conditions of organs. Dogs can contract a variety of life threatening illnesses if not attended to. An alkaline diet makes a huge difference in this regard. Since alkalinity helps bring organs to a healthy pH level, the likelihood of health issues developing is reduced.

How Does Canine Caviar Achieve Alkalinity

How to achieve Alkalinity

Is alkalinity hard to produce? Not for Canine Caviar. We make alkalinity possible thanks to these three important steps:

Unique Alkaline Formula

Canine Caviar’s formulas are the only ones in the market designed to be alkaline. How do we assure alkalinity? It takes careful scientific formulation. We only include ingredients that are healthy for your dog while helping maintain the alkaline balance. For example, meats are acidic in nature so to balance out the acidity, we include a variety of botanicals which are alkaline in nature.

We are also mindful about the proportions of each ingredient. Too much meat and the formula will be too acidic but not enough and your dog won’t get the sufficient amino acids it needs. Canine Caviar makes sure to always find the right amount to create positive alkalinity and bring forth the benefits your dogs require.

Free Range Sources

An important factor for alkalinity is where the ingredients come from. We source our ingredients from quality sources. Our meats for example, come from human grade free range sources; many of them in the U.S. That’s because meat is less acidic from these types of sources unlike processed meat.

Processed meats are higher in acidity (as is most processed meat) so they aren’t quality places to get our meat. Allowing animals to live as they are supposed to (free range) helps them grow and develop naturally. There is no need for growth hormones or other unnatural stimulants. This approach to sourcing helps ensure alkalinity in our dog food.

Alkaline Inducing Botanicals

The last important component to our alkalinity is our collection of alkaline botanicals. We put botanicals in our kibble that help increase alkalinity but also serve other purposes such as improving digestion. Some of our botanicals listed include  Sun-Cured Kelp, Fenugreek, Peppermint, Papaya, Rose Hips, and Yucca Schidigera Extract. We include botanicals that are useful for multiple beneficial purposes.

When we combine there three factors, the end product is a kibble that fully satisfies your dog’s needs and promotes the irresistible alkaline philosophy.

A Little About Canine Caviar

Alkalinity and Canine CaviarCanine Caviar is the one and only dog food in the market focused on alkalinity. It seems like a lot of work trying to create the alkaline effect, but we are determined to bring positive health to dogs everywhere. Our diets are limited ingredient too. We use only one protein and one complex carbohydrate in each of our diets. This helps the effectiveness of nutrient absorption such as amino acids and vitamins. We have both beneficial grain and grain-free diets so there is a variety of formulas to choose from but always alkaline.

We have six great kibble formulas for you to try; Grain-Free Puppy, Free Spirit, Open Meadow, Special Needs, Open Sky, and Wild Ocean. Each one uses a unique beneficial protein sources like lamb, duck, and herring. We like having a variety so that dogs can rotate between proteins. That way they can gain all the essential amino acids and nutrients they need.

You should know now whether alkalinity is right for your dog. The alkalinity in our limited ingredient diets bring a whole array of holistic benefits designed to help your dog’s body feel good. Your dog will feel more energetic and healthier so give alkaline a try. Your dog will thank you.

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