Wiener Dog Internationals: Live on the Set

By Lynn Stacy-Smith 

The anticipated sequel to the Wiener Dog Nationals movie is under way and currently being filmed in California. Canine Caviar connected with the human and wiener dog stars of the first film so much that we jumped at the chance to sponsor the sequel, Wiener Dog Internationals, especially after several of the canine stars switched to Canine Caviar holistic pet food and flourished on our natural dog food. According to Dawn Barraco, Director of Public Relations for Canine Caviar, “It all started in July 2013 at the premier for Wiener Dog Nationals. We provided six gift boxes to the celebrity dogs from the film. After the premier Julie Anderson, whose company Blu Public Relations represents Wiener Dog Nationals, received phone calls from the dog owners saying how much the dogs loved the food.”

Julie made sure she stopped by the Canine Caviar booth at SuperZoo, an annual pet industry trade show, to share the testimonials of the Wiener dog owners. The two public relations experts and fellow dog lovers bonded and Canine Caviar was invited to be the exclusive treat and food provider in the sequel. “We had no doubt that we would such a great family friendly pet movie, ” Dawn said, adding “I’ve been to all of the promotional events and the stars of the first film have supported the Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation. We cannot wait to see the finished sequel.”

At Canine Caviar we are also thrilled that the filming takes place close enough to the Canine Caviar office that several Canine Caviar associates have been able to visit the set and watch the story of Shelly the Dachshund come to life.

Directed by Kevan PetersonWiener Dog Nationals tells the story of Shelly, a rescued Dachshund who enters the famed Wienerschnitzel Hot Dog restaurant’s annual Wiener Nationals race. Shelly’s human family is made up of siblings, Skip played by Austin Anderson, Danny played by Julian Feder, and Bridget played by Caitlin Carmichael. Jason London plays their father Phil and Alicia Witt his love interest. Morgan Fairchild is their wiener dog race rival as Ms. Merryweather.  Gracie Roche, an Internet sensation for her Bang! Video on You Tube was one of the dogs who portrayed Shelly in the first movie.

Watch for more blogs from Canine Caviar as the movie draws closer to a release date. In the meantime enjoy these photos from recent trips to the set. If you have not seen the first movie, Wiener Dog Nationals, make sure you check it out on DVD, available at