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Canine Caviar’s New Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans

Canine Caviar is beginning the distribution of the new Synthetic Free Dog Food Cans. The line includes synthetic free duck, turkey, lamb, and salmon. This line is one of the few dog food products around the world to be synthetic free. And we know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean it’s synthetic free now? […]

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Your Pet’s Carbon PawPrint

Earth Day is April 22, 2014 By Lynn Stacy Smith    Reducing your carbon footprint through measures like reducing and recycling materials is common these days, for which we are extremely happy. But have you put plans into place to reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint? Here are some ideas to consider. Have other things that […]

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November Interview: Oogie, Slink, Ella, Oscar & Mischief

By Lynn Stacy-Smith We were honored to have some special feline guests with us this month to celebrate the introduction of our new Feline Caviar Holistic Cat food.   Feline Caviar: First, let’s cover the basics. How old are you? Your names? Oogie: My sister slink and I are both 7 years old. Ella: And Oscar […]