November Awareness

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

In the month of November we turn our focus to three important causes: adoptable senior pets, Canine cancer awareness and pet diabetes awareness.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

dutch - pet cancer and diabetes

Whether they are abandoned at shelters because of their age or in sudden need of a home because of the passing of their owner or a change in their family’s living situation, senior dogs are in dire need of adoption throughout the United States. To bring awareness to the need for loving homes, November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Senior dogs can enhance a home with tons of love and usually an older and wiser form of friendship, especially for families or individuals who love dogs but are not up to the challenge of an energetic young puppy or dog. Check out some of the benefits that senior dogs offer to potential fur parents: 

  • Instead of running puppy zoomies through every room in the house, seniors are usually content with less exercise.
  • Senior dogs are usually house-trained.
  • Puppy teething is a thing of the past!
  • Many senior dogs know the “rules” of living in homes with humans, like what not to chew!
  • Some senior dogs have been through obedience training, depending on their previous living experience.
  • Senior dogs bond just as strongly with their new owners as puppies and young dogs; sometimes the bond is greater because they are done with the “crazy” puppy stage.
  • Quietly sitting by your side is often their idea of a great day!

Whether you adopt a new senior friend or you are entering the gray muzzle stage of the dogs already in your home, nutrition plays a considerable role in the quality of life for a senior dog. Our food is for All Life Stages (ALS), which makes all of our Canine Caviar holistic dog food formulas very convenient as puppies through seniors are served with the nutrients necessary for all dogs. The most popular formula is Special Needs. It is perfect for seniors that tend to have more weight because of lower activity lifestyles.  With less protein and fat than the other formulas, the Canine Caviar Special Needs dinner serves it up right for them to help maintain their weight.

maggie and babe - pet cancer and diabetes

Many rescue organizations offer programs that place senior dogs with “senior” humans. According to the website, “senior dogs are the perfect companions for senior humans. They’re mellow and well socialized, and they want nothing more than the gentle care of someone who loves them.” If you are ready to bring a senior dog into your home check with your local rescue organizations and animal shelters. There is also a list of senior dog rescue programs at the Senior Dog Project website.

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Veterinarian Examining Bulldog - pet cancer and diabetes

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month; at Canine Caviar we are passionate about fighting pet cancers and increasing awareness of this killer. One out of 3 (4 in some statements) pets are dying from a form of cancer and almost all families with pets are affected today.

The Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation (CCCRF)  is a dream of the owners of Canine Caviar. The CCCRF strives to advance research in pet cancer and to educate and support the community on pet health and overall treatment. Although we are not a cure for any disease, illness or affliction, our holistic formulas are alkaline based and formulated to help balance PH. Studies show that a balanced PH can encourage healthy tissues, organs and immune systems. We know that a true Holistic Lifestyle diet considers all aspects of your pet’s health through optimum nutrition and should be a part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and love.

Regular veterinary visits are crucial as well as our own observations about your pet’s behavior and general condition. We have listed a few warning signs that you can discuss with your vet if you have noticed.

1. Your pet has a lump or sore that won’t go away.

2. Your pet is eating but losing weight.

3. It is hard for your pet to chew or swallow.

4. There is a discharge or bleeding from any body opening.

5. Your pet has a bad smell.

6. Your pet tires easily and doesn’t want to exercise.

7. Your pet has quit eating for more than a day or two.

National Pet Diabetes Month

Yellow Lab Lying by Empty Food Dish - pet diabetes

November is Pet Diabetes Month in order to raise awareness that diabetes can strike both cats and dogs. We are thrilled that PetFlow agrees with educating pet parents on the benefits of knowing more about the GI (Glycemic Index) Check out what Petflow posted at this link: It included informative information on canine diabetes and how a diet like Canine Caviar holistic dog food that is low on the Glycemix Index can benefit your dog whether or not they suffer from diabetes.