A Holistic Lifestyle For All

By Lynn Stacy Smith

A woman plays with her dog on the beach. Mawgan Porth in Cornwall - holistic lifestyle
photo credit: sharkbait via photopin cc

Here at Canine Caviar we believe in a holistic lifestyle for pets. Our true Holistic Lifestyle diet considers all aspects of your pet’s health through nutrition and should be a part of your pet’s Healthy lifestyle.  As part of spreading this mission to pet owners, typically the Canine Caviar team can be found at events relating to dogs. In the last few years we’ve enjoyed meeting pet owners at everything from red carpet events to trade shows, pre-award show events and even movie premiers. However, in June we will take our message about Canine Caviar to Santa Fe, New Mexico to participate in a conference focused on a holistic lifestyle for humans.

Canine Caviar is proud to be a sponsor of Santa Fe Soul’s upcoming Thrive event. The Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Center will host The Self-Care Revolution THRIVE event on June 6-8, 2014 at 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The event is a transformational conference in which attendees will learn to generate optimum health, integrate play into their daily lives, meet amazing speakers and new friends and learn from the Self-Care Coaches through hands-on workshops.

According to Canine Caviar founder and Research Scientist Jeff Baker,  “Holistic health is based on the law of nature that a whole is made up of independent parts. When one part is not working at its best it influences all of the other parts of that animal.”  He also explains that the principles of a holistic lifestyle and that holistic health goes beyond just not being sick and is an ongoing process.

This also applies to humans. For both pets and humans a holistic lifestyle means focusing on a healthy mind and body with healthy food and both physical and mental exercise to promote wellness.  The Thrive event offered by Santa Fe Soul will provide a wide array of sessions to accomplish all of these goals, including a session on igniting creativity, debt management, sound therapy, detoxing, essential oils and other topics focused on holistic health.

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Canine Caviar will have a table staffed by some of the Canine Caviar Social Business team who work tirelessly to spread the word about the health benefits that Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar offer to pets worldwide. Thrive attendees can learn about the Canine Caviar mission and become more educated on a holistic lifestyle for pets and how to achieve optimal health for their cats and dogs while also improving their own. Dawn Barraco, Director of Public Relations for Canine Caviar and pet owner/animal lover, will speak on behalf of Canine Caviar over the weekend to open up more friends to the idea of holistic health for all.

Tickets are available to attend Thrive. You can attend for the full two and a half days or purchase a one-day pass and choose Saturday or Sunday.  Click here to purchase.  We look forward to sharing the message of Canine Caviar and Feline Caviar holistic pet food with humans who are pursuing a holistic lifestyle at the Self-Care Revolution Thrive event.

Attendees can also take advantage of a special pre-event session on June 5-6 with Dr. Norm Shealy. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading experts in pain management. Santa Fe Soul is pleased to offer Dr. Shealy’s certification workshop Transcutaneous Acupuncture in which participants will learn about the Sacred Rings and how to apply them to achieve optimum function of the body. This session is separate from Thrive. Tickets can be purchased at this link: Self Care Bliss Weekend – Special Certification