Your Pet’s Carbon PawPrint

Earth Day is April 22, 2014

By Lynn Stacy Smith 


Reducing your carbon footprint through measures like reducing and recycling materials is common these days, for which we are extremely happy. But have you put plans into place to reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint? Here are some ideas to consider. Have other things that you do? Post to our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Poop: Fortunately Canine Caviar holistic pet food is approximately 93% digestible so your dog should produce smaller stools than on less digestible brands. However everyone poops no matter how good quality dog food they are on and dog and cat poop is a major contributor to your pet’s carbon pawprint. We found this great article that walks you through a variety of facts and solutions for both your feline and canine waste disposal:
  • Kitty Litter: Here is another link to an informative article on eco friendly kitty litter options with information on both the environment and the health of your cats:
  • Food:  Canine Caviar is one of the most calorie dense foods on the market with approximately 599 Kcals per cup. Higher caloric content per cup equals less food and fewer bags of the course of each year. Purr parents can also feel good about feeding Feline Caviar since the wet food containers are made to be used as a dish and then recycled after the cats finish the food
  • Toys:  Not all dog toys are created equal. Fortunately companies like West Paw Design, Planet Dog, and others offer toys that are made with both your pet’s health and the environment on their mind. Some are made of recycled materials and some are recyclable when your pup is finished with the toy. You can also find instructions online to make your own tug toys out of old t-shirts.
  • Bedding: Just like with dog toys there are many options for environmentally friendly pet beds if you search online or inquire in your locally owned pet store. You can also consider using human eco friendly blankets in crates, as they are usually easier to launder than large pet beds.