November Interview: Oogie, Slink, Ella, Oscar & Mischief

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

We were honored to have some special feline guests with us this month to celebrate the introduction of our new Feline Caviar Holistic Cat food.

Oscar - holistic cat food November Interview


Feline Caviar: First, let’s cover the basics. How old are you? Your names?

Oogie: My sister slink and I are both 7 years old.
Ella: And Oscar and I are also sisters…yep, she’s a girl named Oscar…and we are both 4.
Mischief: And I’m their step-sister. I’m seven.

Slink - holistic cat food November Interview


Feline Caviar: Can you tell me how you guys came to your forever home?

Oogie: Well, we were born to a great big litter of kittens. Mom came to choose just one kitten but I couldn’t leave Slink behind; she was very weak, wobbly on her feet and had a bent ear. Our siblings were bullies to her and hissed at her and chased her. So I stuck by her side and Mom figured it out that it meant that if she took me, she had to take Slink!
Slink: Oogie even made sure I could eat when all of the other kittens were being mean. He also explored the house first and then let me know if it was ok. I was shy and sort of timid for a long time. Oogie is my hero and protector.
Ella: And as for us, we were going to crash temporarily at Mom’s aunt’s garage because we were living outside and there were a lot of coyotes around. Mom’s aunt had Mom come get us so that we didn’t become coyote prey.
Oscar: Yep, and we’ve been one big family ever since! 
Mischief: There used to be just Dad my human sister and me, but I love being part of a big family! Especially since there are 5 of us and 3 humans. We kitties outnumber the humans!!

Ella & Oscar - holistic cat food November Interview
Ella & Oscar

Feline Caviar: How long have you been eating Feline Caviar holistic cat food? Did you have a particular health issue that needed to be solved?

Oogie - holistic cat food November Interview

Oscar: We’ve been eating Feline Caviar for a few months. We all love it!
Ella: I love it so much that I try to eat right through the bag to get it. Momma figured it out, though, and moved it where I can’t reach it.
Mischief: I have long hair and it used to be wiry but now it’s much softer. And I get a lot less hairballs. Have you ever had to get rid of a hairball? They are not fun. Not fun at all.
Slink: I went on a little hunger strike but Momma gave me the brand new Feline Caviar wet food and I love, love, love it.
Oogie: It’s delicious, I love it! You can see the shreds of chicken, those green things called peas, the sweet papaya. Yum! I love the Free Range Chicken with Cheese, Papaya & Kelp! 

Feline Caviar: I’m so glad you love it and are doing so well! With all of that great food inside of your bellies, what would make up the perfect day for you?

Ella & Oscar - holistic cat food November Interview
Ella (black) & Oscar (black/white)

Oogie: Slink and I are purrrrrfectly happy snuggled up in Momma’s bed.
Slink: Especially if she is in it. A whole day of lounging with her and with Oogie would be the best day in the world!
Oscar: I could spend the entire day batting my fuzzy ball around the house. Have you seen my fuzzy ball? It’s so much fun!
Ella: I just want to play with Oscar all day!
Mischief: Sometimes I just want some alone time. I used to be an only cat, so as much as I love my new siblings, I sometimes like to sneak away and be on my own for the day.

Feline Caviar: Well, thank you for sitting down with me. Usually I interview dogs so it’s been fun to change things up and sit down with you kitties this month. One last question, though, can you tell me if you fall under that old stereotype that cats and dogs don’t get along?


Oogie: We are super happy to see more feline caviar fans! Dogs are ok, though.

Mischief - holistic cat food November Interview

Mischief: Dogs? Not. A. Fan.
Slink: As long as Oogie is around I’m ok with dogs.
Oscar: I don’t mind dogs either.
Ella: Our human grandma has a dog and we are best friends! I love when we get to visit because we play and run around the house! It’s fun having a best friend who is a different species!