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This blog is for all of you enthusiastic dog owners looking for helpful tips to improve the quality of health in your dog. We’ll provide tips, health topics and answer questions all surrounding your special pooch.

Rollin’ Stones

By Christina Burns Much like humans, our pets can get bladder stones. Today’s domesticated animals are often subjected to painful bladder stones. Bladder stones are clumps of mineral crystals, rock-like formations that form in the urinary bladder. They occur for a number of reasons, including genetics, diets, medications, or chronic cystitis and sometimes you are not aware that your pet has a stone – until you know! These bladder stones will cause your furry family member lots of discomfort and often time’s blood in the urine. The stones can vary in size and females can pass many, typically, however, many...
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Back to the Daily Grind, Beatin’ the Blues

By Christina Burns Summertime is officially behind us, the kids are back in school, and we have resumed our normal routines. Our absence from the home is often times very stressful and can leave pets feeling neglected or anxious possibly triggering depression in our furry companions. Those three months are filled with trips, vacations, long car rides, and overall increased activity for all family members, making the transition back to daily routines challenging one. Symptoms of depression can be lethargy, appetite changes (increase or decrease), and lack of engagement.  Whereas separation anxiety can have erratic symptoms that include excessive vocalization,...
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14 Tips for Summertime – Pet Safety

14 Tips for Summertime – Pet Safety By Christina Burns “It’s summertime and the living easy”, as the Sam Cooke song goes. With summertime in full swing, and for many of us that mean barbecues, cookouts, beach bonfires, hiking, and lots of road trips! There are plenty of things to remember to keep your dogs and cats safe during these fun times.  The tips below will help everyone if your family stays healthy and comfortable during the summertime months: Lots of water: dehydration in dogs and cats is a huge possibility in the summer. Signs of dehydration include: dry gums,...
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The Cherry on Top!

  Canine Caviar offers Single Protein and Single Complex Carbohydrate diets, with a pH level of 7.1-7.4. Our Alkaline based diets are formulated to be alkaline with the herbs and ingredients and do not contain any preservatives. All of our formulas are a complete and balanced diet with an all natural taste and smell that dogs go crazy for. But, just like humans our Pets enjoy a little extra something on their lunch or dinner to spice it up! Rotating through our formulas gives them the experience of enjoying a variety of Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Venison, and Duck. However, if...
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June Adopt a Cat Month by Christina Burns

June – Adopt a Cat Month By Christina Burns June is national adopt a cat month and as many of you know cats are my first loves.  As a child, my family always had at least one or two cats as part of our family – this, however, did not include the countless neighborhood cats I used to feed and sneak indoors during cold and rainy nights. Cats have always been a part of my life and always will be. I remember when I moved out of my parents’ house to live on my own – it was an exciting...
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