Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Stocking - Canine Caviar All Natural Buffalo Treats

Last Minute Holiday shopping? Check out Canine Caviars Healthy options perfect for your pets stocking stuffers.

All Natural Buffalo Treats are a healthy and easy way to fill those stockings. We offer a variety of Buffalo treats perfect for All Dogs!

Our buffalo treats are 100% free range, grass fed, GMO free, with no added hormones or antibiotics. Buffalo is naturally low in sodium, calories, and contains calcium, potassium, vitamins B6 and B12.

Our Buffalo is sourced from India. The entire process is supervised by a team of veterinarians and passes inspection from the FDA and USDA prior to coming into the USA, as well as all the governing agencies for the countries we ship to. The product is cleaned, sterilized and tested prior to being processed for both human and pet consumption. At Canine Caviar we strive to support a balanced ecosystem. The ecosystem in the USA does not support the high demand of buffalo for human and pet consumption.

Canine Caviar’s Canned Supplements are a savory treat or addition for your pet’s holiday meal! They are single protein, low in fat and calories. We offer a variety of protein source, so you will be sure to find the perfect one for your pet’s needs.

Our canned meats are free of grains, fillers, added sugar or salt, and no artificial colors or preservatives. They are an excellent alternative to raw (the can is cold processed), and also an alternative protein for rotation to help stimulate your pet’s immune system. This ensures your pet is getting the different amino acids each protein source offers. Overall our canned meats are desirable for all dogs, especially for those with allergies to other protein sources.

Our canned meats are not a complete diet. They are best used as a treat, supplement or as the base of a home prepared meal. Try adding Canine Caviar Dehydrated Synergy Mix and Norwegian Sun-Cured Kelp for a complete and balanced diet.

Canine Caviar’s Dehydrated Vegetable Mix is an innovative alkaline blend that uses only the finest ingredients. When you blend Canine Caviar’s Dehydrated Vegetable Mix with Canine Caviar’s canned foods the result is the healthiest alkaline dog food available.

Norwegian Sun-Cured Kelp is PACKED with nutrients and  is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It may be used as an aid in nutrition for improved thyroid function if your veterinarian has advised of an iodine deficiency (see the vet for your pet’s health needs).  Nutritional benefits for overall pet health have been reported from daily supplementation. Our Kelp comes from the finest quality kelp and pulled from the coldest Norwegian waters.