Planning on Putting up a tree this Holiday?

xmas tree

Planning on putting up a tree this Holiday?

Keep a few things in mind while decorating this holiday season.

If you prefer a real tree, try and bring home a tree that does not drop a ton of PINE NEEDLES. Pine needles can easily perforate your pets gut wall and their paws. If you and your family do decide on a live tree, be sure to keep it properly watered and keep the area clean, free of any pine needles.

Try to secure your tree in a CORNER area rather than in the middle of the room. This way if your pet is likely to jump or climb the tree, it will have a less chance to fall and hurt your pet.

Keep tree LIGHTS and DECORATIONS (especially edible ones such as popcorn strings and cranberries higher on the tree) out of your pet’s reach. Make sure wires and circuit breakers are secure and also out of reach.

Avoid using TINSEL while decorating. This can cause gut obstruction and strangulation if your pet decides to play with it. Also avoid using ribbon on your presents as some cats and dogs see it as a play toy. Ribbon like tinsel is dangerous to pets and can cause intestinal damage possibly leading to unexpected medical bills.

“My cat Minnie got hold of some ribbon about 15 years ago. This ended with a vet visit and thousands of dollars later. She ingested the ribbon causing it to wrap around her intestines, blocking her bowel movements and ability to digest food. Luckily she survived and now our family has NO ribbon lying around. It is even removed from gifts before it is put under the tree or anywhere in the house. ” Ashley Rucker, Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc.

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