How Much Dog Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

How Much Dog Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

Do you think your feeding your dog the right amount of food?

Canine Caviar has the highest metabolized calories, which means the higher metabolized energy, the less you need to feed. With the highest digestibility on the market at 91-93%, Canine Caviar allows your dog to eat less while still maintaining ALL the nutritional value and calories they require each day.

Our proteins are dehydrated and ground with 8% moisture and our kibble is flash cooked for 6 seconds at 82 degree Celsius to maintain the nutritional integrity and increase bioavailability.

Check out our feeding calculator to make sure you are feeding your pet the recommended amount of Canine Caviar kibble.

Results of over feeding

If you are over feeding, your pet you will start to see signs such as soft, loose stool and/or more frequent elimination. This is because dogs can only utilize up to 35% protein.  Your pet will not be able to absorb all the nutrients when over feeding which will result eliminating the excess.

My dog looks hungry?

Our feeding guidelines are a suggested amount to feed.  Each dog is different and may vary. If your dog looks like he/she needs more food (losing weight) or less food (gaining more weight and/or eliminating) adjust the cups per day according to your dog’s personal needs.

Also keep in mind your dog may just be used to eating more, making them think they need more than they actually need on Canine Caviar. Most dogs ALWAYS want MORE!!!

For help or recommendations on feeding guidelines, email or Call in to our friendly customer service at 714-223-1800.