The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

Are you tired of seeing new burn spots everyday on you grass from your pet?

Did you know burning of the grass can actually be controlled by what you’re feeding your pet?

Burns in the grass can be caused by the dog’s urine being too acidic. When feeding Canine

Caviar, your dog’s pH balance is regulated to be more alkaline. Then you’ll see that the grass is

Greener on the other side.. Of the pH scale.

Read more on what pH balance means here:

Canine Caviar Dog Spotlight burning-the-grass

Meet Copper from Alaska, Coppers Mom Kim is an avid believer in Canine Caviar and tells all of her friends about it. Why? Because she believes in what Canine Caviar can do for pets and has seen it first-hand. Here is what Coppers Fur Mom says about Canine Caviar,

“I was asked quite some time ago to share Copper’s story. Since we got him as a pup he burned grass wherever he urinated. Quickly, like within an hour the grass was showing signs of death. It worried me but my vets always just offered, “Some dogs just do this.” It’s a common misconception that only females do it too. Copper had been on Canine Caviar since shortly after adoption, but I never knew about the natural ways we can fix burning grass or that it was an actual DANGEROUS issue until talking with one of their social media people. Turns out burning grass is actually attributed to low pH. I was told to try Copper on their Synergy Veggie Mix, to feed him treats of their dehydrated sweet potato chews (and they sent a free pack!) and to try the pH test strips (also sent for free). So off we went on this regimen. I kid you not, within a WEEK, Copper quit killing grass, his pH was equalized, and his first blood work at the vet came back stellar! Now, thanks to talking with Jeff Baker when he visited Alaska Mill and Feed Inc., we also are rotating his proteins with the canned food being added as a supplement. I’ve never seen a dog lick his bowl cleaner. Canine Caviar is SO much more than “just dog food”. It is a game changer, folks. An amazing, life altering, health improving, beautifying and life-extending dog food. Thank you Jeff and every other amazing employee at Canine Caviar for adding years to my baby’s life, and so much life to his years.”

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