How to Store Canine Caviar

How to store Canine Caviar?

How to Store Canine Caviar? Canine Caviar Alkaline Dry Dog Food

Canine Caviar was the first company to use a pet food bag that wasn’t paper. One of the main difficulties we came across was how we were going to maintain optimum freshness without ever using preservatives in our food. Canine Caviar worked with a company, Kryovac at the time and together helped develop packaging that fit our needs.

Canine Caviar bags have seven protective layers to help keep your kibble fresh. Our bags have equal to or better protection barrier than a coffee bag, giving it a minimal amount of moisture or oxygen transmission. After opening a bag of Canine or Feline Caviar kibble we suggest using the food within three months and storing it in a cool dry place to preserve the food.

Why not a plastic container?

A lot of the time when consumers pour the kibble into a plastic container or a bin the container is usually not adequately cleaned or the new food is poured on top of the old causing the food on the bottom to get older and older as time goes on and will eventually go bad.

If you prefer to store it in a plastic container or bin we suggest placing the entire bag into the container, this will provide complete freshness. Canine Caviar worked hard to perfect the bags to help consumers to safely and easily store the kibble.

How to Store Canine Caviar ? Canine Caviar Wet Canned Food

Canine Caviar canned proteins- Duck and Turkey; they are 96% meat that come in a 12.8oz can. We also recently launched our new exotic New Zealand cans- Wild Salmon, Unagi, Brushtail, Lamb, Goat and Venison, 13oz can. We recommend ¼ of the can per 40lbs.

So what do you do with the remaining can?

Once the can has been opened it is good for up to three days when stored in the refrigerator. We suggest taking the remaining portion out of the can and transferring it to a sealed container. If you have a small dog and will not be able to use the can within three days we have an easy solution. You can fill an ice cube tray with the fill it with the canned protein and freeze it. The night or a few hours before feeding you can thaw the individual pieces to add to your pet’s favorite Canine Caviar kibble.

*Please remember to wash hand thoroughly after handling the meat. Also discard any uneaten non-refrigerated leftovers from your pets bowl.


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