Source of Canine Caviar Buffalo Meat

By Lynn Stacy-Smith

Recently a customer asked us where we obtain the buffalo meat for our buffalo bully sticks and other natural dog treats. The buffalo meat that we use in our food and treats are free range buffalo from India. Indian buffalo are a type of water buffalo, not the American bison that most people picture when the word “buffalo” is used. We use this type of buffalo because there is not an adequate supply of North American bison.

The buffalo meat is processed in India in a plant that also processes meat for human consumption in addition to our treats and food. The meat is cleaned, sterilized and tested prior to being presented for both human and pet consumption.

According to Jeff Baker in a 2013 Google Hangout, “There’s an adequate supply and we control the facility. This allows us to use an American style of processing.” Jeff continued to say, “The factory is as clean or cleaner than most hospitals in the United States. They regard life in the highest form and everything is done as humanely as possible. In fact there is only one buffalo in the room at a time, the room is washed down after that. It is blessed by a priest, it’s kosher. In America one hundred cows or pigs are in a line watching the other one. In India it’s done more humanely.”

Studies have shown that when animals are under stress prior to being slaughtered for meat that the quality of the meat is decreased. Although the primary reason for the humane situation is because of their regard for the life of the buffalo, it has a positive impact on the quality of the meat and ultimately the natural dog treats that you give to your dog.

The entire process is supervised by a team of veterinarians.  All of our holistic buffalo treats pass an inspection from the FDA and USDA prior to coming into the USA and the governing agencies for all other countries we ship to. According to Jeff Baker, he spends quite a bit of time in India to make sure that they are adhering to our standards.

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Canine Caviar is currently working on a new buffalo formula of our alkaline based dog food; watch the Canine Caviar newsletter and Facebook page for the announcement when the new formula is available.

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